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Exterior Home Trends for 2018

Trends in home design come and go…especially when it comes to color. About every ten years, we will see certain styles and design elements emerge and then fade away. These elements and color are what enable people to date a house when they are just driving around. In some ways, it’s like carbon dating for ...

Life-Changing Front Porches

A good front porch can change your life…yep…I said it…a porch can change the trajectory of your life.  Period. My parents live on an island…remote by most people’s standards.  They take a boat to go almost everywhere and they have been retired as long as I can remember.  When they committed to island life full ...

Exterior Lighting for Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting can be magical when correctly chosen and installed. In our quest for curb appeal, we want to show your house in the best possible LIGHT! Here are a few of the key reasons we use lighting on a property: Security:  A well lit house is far less likely to be targeted. Increase Property ...

To Shutter or Not to Shutter…That is the Question

Recently, a friend of mine asked me about shutters on her 1950s ranch (great location with a lot of renovation going on).  The house has two large windows to the left of the front door and two separate single windows to the right of the door.  Clearly, the shutters were fake and she was looking ...