There is absolutely no reason to spend a fortune on an architect to rip your home apart, change your roof line, demolish your kitchen, and devour your free time wishing you could just go back to your peaceful life!  It’s the little things that can make a huge difference in curb appeal and more importantly, your happiness.  We’ve selected a few of our favorite SUMMER ACCESSORIES to bring life to your porch for easy changes.

If simple, summer accessories are not enough and you’re looking for a complete virtual design for your home’s exterior, we’d be happy to partner with you on a new or updated look!  Learn more about our exterior home design serivces today!

#1.  Front Porch FAN.

Porch fans aren’t just made for the inside but also for covered areas outside.  We recently designed the exterior of a house in Florida.  They spend a lot of time on the front porch and were looking for a way to add comfort and style!  Ta-Da… a fan does just that. 

exterior ceiling fan

exterior ceiling fan


  • Ceiling fans will lower the temperature 4-5 degrees creating a slight breeze.
  • Ceiling fans will help keep mosquitos and other bugs away.
  • Ceiling fans will add a glow of light in the evening when a porch light seems too bright.
  • Ceiling fans will provide a slight hmmm creating a peaceful effect.
  • Ceiling fans can be on a timer creating the illusion that you’re home, even when you may be traveling.

#2.  Front Door KNOCKER.

Your front door is the main focal point of your home.  It’s where you welcome guests to enter your life. If you’re looking for ways to add interest to your door without painting or replacing, a door knocker will do just that!


  • Door knockers are a conversation starters.
  • Door knockers are easy to hang and don’t involve removing the door or painting.
  • Door knockers add character and reflect your personality and style.
  • Door knockers are inexpensive and won’t break the bank.
  • Door knockers give visitors a place to knock, instead of pounding on the wood or smearing your glass.  

#3.  Comfy PORCH CHAIR.

Sometimes people sacrifice comfort for style….Why?  Why?  Why?  There is no need.  Your front porch should be stylish and comfortable.  Think about the chairs that you love to sit in and make that happen on the exterior of your home as well.  Porch chairs should be comfy!

summer accessory porch chair

porch chairs


  • Comfy porch chairs swivel so you can move and see without physically relocating the chair.
  • Comfy porch chairs have cushions with Sunbrella fabric.  Not only is the fabric excellent for all kinds of outdoor conditions, but they are more comfortable than a wooden Adirondack chair.
  • Comfy porch chairs are large enough for Dad and the kids.  
  • Comfy porch chairs have armrests.  Nobody wants to sit on a chair with their arms folded on their lap.  There is nothing comfy about that.

#4.  Outdoor LANTERNS.

Lighting can make or break your outdoor living space.  Nobody wants to sit underneath a light that’s too harsh or too bright; not to mention, bugs are attracted to that type of light.  Yuck!  Lanterns are a simple, functional, and classy solution to outdoor lighting. 

summer accessory lanterns



  • Outdoor lanterns come in so many different styles to match every home personality.
  • Outdoor lanterns are easy to clean by just wiping them down.
  • Outdoor lanterns provide the perfect amount of illumination for an aesthetic effect.
  • Outdoor lanterns may be used with flameless candles, scented candles, or candles with bug repellent.
  • Outdoor lanterns are fun to move to different porch locations.  They look great on a table, or on the floor next to a chair, or in a doorway.  

#5.  Decorative accent PILLOWS:

I love summer and one reason is because I can’t wait to shop for new outdoor pillows.  My furniture may be old but buying new outdoor accent pillows makes the whole set look new!  It’s like that feeling as a child of buying new school supplies with fun notebooks and colorful Sharpies.  It just feels good! 

summer accessory throw pillow

throw pillows


  • Accent pillows make your old porch furniture seem new again.
  • Accent pillows are easy to swap out for the season, holiday, or occasion.
  • Accent pillows may tie together a color scheme between your house and cushions.
  • Accent pillows add character and interest to your porch area.
  • Accent pillows make a great gift if you’re looking for someone hard to buy for.
  • Accent pillows help bring comfort to an uncomfortable chair.

#6.  Porch SWING:

YES!  Again, we have to brag about our love of an outdoor porch swing.  It will facilitate conversation, is an excellent place to rest, have your morning coffee, and solve the world’s problems.  The kids love it, adults love it, and visitors love it even more.   Have you ever met someone who didn’t love a porch swing?  

porch swing

porch swing


  • Porch swings provide a rocking motion which is relaxing.
  • Porch swings come in all different sizes from a personal chair to a double mattress size.
  • Lastly, porch swings can be custom made to last for years! Your grandchildren will be sitting on your childhood swing someday.  
  • Porch swings aren’t only designed for a porch.  They may be used in your yard, hung from a tree, or from rafters inside.  

Overall, these have been our favorite brick&batten accessories for summer.  They don’t involve painting, taking out a second mortgage, or ripping apart your house.  These simple changes will bring life back to your summer porch. Get started today!