Prepare for 2019: 5 Exterior Design Trends on the Way OUT

NOW is an excellent time to do some home exterior improvements; however, be sure you’re doing improvements that add value to your greatest investment.  Don’t fall victim to these home exterior design trends that are on the way OUT!


Small wimpy columns are way OUT! They don’t look as though they hold up thee structure of your porch, and therefore serve no purpose.  Choose bigger columns to keep your home from looking dated and like it may fall on a friendly visitor! Check out some of our before&after photos for other ideas.


Gray and white can be amazing neutral colors, but finding the perfect shades of gray or white, without looking drab, can be tricky.  Turn drab to fab with a few easy fixes…gray or white are perfectly paired with wood accents, pop of color on your pillows or door,  colorful landscape, and beautiful lighting.  


I’m not sure if cheap porch furniture was ever in style, but it is certainly time to invest in nice patio furniture.  Is it expensive, yes.  But, your patio can become a very livable extension of your home’s interior.  Think of your patio as another room of your house.  If it’s comfortable and beautiful it will be a perfect spot to welcome guests, drink your morning coffee, or sit to watch and relax.  Ditch the cheap plastic that cracks, fades, and blows away… opt for a more comfortable living space. A nice front porch can change your life!


Enough is enough.  Brown house. Yellow trim. Orange door.  White windows.  This was a look of the old Victorian and even some craftsman homes; however, styles are shifting.  White is timeless.  Stick to shades that are in the same paint family to create longevity.  Add interest and color through landscape, porch pillows, and other design elements that can be changed out easily.   


At brick&batten we are asked weekly about roof color… Why in the world would you want your roof to become the focal point of your home?  That can happen really easily if your roof is too busy or too colorful.  If, and only if, you have a simple one color siding, will a patchy roof work.  Otherwise, this will clash with your home’s exterior cladding (see photo of example).  Also, when in doubt, we recommend gray, black, or darker brown.  Stay away from green and red. 

This season, when you’re doing improvements on your home, consider keeping it simple and timeless.  We spend hours researching, attending conferences, and learning about what home improvements increase your home’s value, add curb appeal, and stand the test of time.  Don’t fall victim to trends that are on the way OUT! 

Let our brick&batten designers partner with you on updating your home’s exterior with simple changes that create a big impact!  Get started today with our exterior design services!