Modernized Ranch Style House in Oregon

Choosing the right exterior paint color for your home can be overwhelming, and it’s one of the main reasons homeowners turn to the experts at brick&batten. When Allison B. wanted to repaint her ranch style house, she struggled to select the right paint color and enlisted our help.

I was wanting to repaint my house but felt overwhelmed by trying [to] actually pick the colors. I don’t consider myself a designer, and so I wasn’t confident in the decisions I would make. Randomly I ran across an ad for brick&batten, and it honestly seemed to be just what I was looking for.

Keep reading to learn how we helped Allison update her ranch style house and see the transformation from start to finish.

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Before photo of a ranch home

The Before

Allison wanted a more contemporary look for her ranch style house, which featured natural brick, white siding, and white trim and columns. A fresh color palette was her top priority, but she also wanted to update some other design elements while she was working on her renovations. 

I wanted [my home] to be classy, interesting, and [have] a more current look. 

A rendering of a modernized ranch style house

The Design

Allison requested two designs, each with a different color palette. The first features Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal on the siding and Revere Pewter, also by Benjamin Moore, on the brick and fascia.

A rendering of a modernized ranch style house

Allison’s second design has the same color brick and fascia as the first, but with a different siding color — Benjamin Moore’s Sandy Hook Gray, one of our favorite greige hues for exteriors. It also provides a visualization for shutters around the double windows to the right of the home’s façade.

Both renderings include new front and garage doors, new windows, wood columns and a metal railing in the entry area, a wood fence, fresh landscaping, an updated driveway, and a walkway leading to the front door. The two color palettes feel elegant, while the wood accents add warmth.

The process was easy; I just submitted some pictures of my house, [and] sent a note with what I was willing to change and what I couldn’t afford to change or what I wanted incorporated in the final design. I received two options a few weeks later and was very happy with the choices.

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A rendering of a modernized ranch style house

Allison used her free revision to see her home with an updated version of her current garage door after realizing replacing it with a new one wasn’t within her budget. We recommended painting it a dark hue — Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black — that creates a nice contrast with the light brick.

A close-up of a modernized ranch style house

The Process

Like many brick&batten clients, Allison hired a contractor to bring her design to life. The renovation took about six months to complete. Allison said bad weather delayed the painting process slightly, but otherwise, everything moved along smoothly.

An actual after photo of a brick&batten client's home

The Actual After

Allison implemented many of our design recommendations and is thrilled with how her modernized ranch style home turned out. She also put her own spin on some aspects of the design. She opted for a wood front door instead of the darker version we recommended and also chose slightly different windows. 

I am extremely happy with the changes. I work from home and see neighbors stopping, taking pictures, or discussing the house.

Although she is pleased with her home’s transformation, Allison noted she still has some work left to do. 

I am still working on other things based on your design. For instance, [I’m] redoing the front landscaping and stairs up from the street, and I have been getting quotes on the fence to the left of the house coming all the way to [the] front. It is all a work in progress!

An actual after photo of a client's home

A Successful Ranch Style House Transformation

The new color palette and more modern design elements provided that classy, current look Allison desired. Now her charming ranch home has an enviable exterior and major curb appeal.

I get compliments all the time. It was a pretty dramatic change from a white house with [natural] brick to a dark gray and black house with painted bricks.

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