7 Ways to Modernize Your Classic House

You live there, raise your family there, and pull into that driveway everyday.  You take special pride in the inside; however, now it’s time to focus on the outside.  Traditional classic exterior homes are the most recognizable and appealing to our culture.  There are simple changes to enhance your curb appeal and modernize that classic look for your own home.


Adding horizontal beams in the eaves of your roofline create visual interest.  They add depth, color, and attract the eye. 


Columns have a purpose… they should appear to hold up what’s above them.  Larger columns frame a porch, direct visitors to your entryway, and add aesthetic appeal.


Many homes are now opting for a change in the typical vertical railing design.  Why not go with an X railing or cable rail to update and modernize a classic home?


More traditional style homes use lighting not only to flank a doorway but also to highlight features on the home.  Illuminating a walkway and light up beautiful landscape are other ways to use lighting.  With solar power lights, this has never been easier!


Updating a traditional home may include digging up the concrete sidewalk and adding a slate or brick walkway.  The walkway to your door makes a statement, offers guidance, and protection to those headed your way, so it should be beautiful too!


A front porch is a place to gather and welcome guests.  This space should feel inviting, cozy, and warm; therefore, don’t be afraid to add a comfortable sitting area for visitors.


Beautifully designed shutters scream traditional.  Shutters should appear to close over the window with the correct size and hardware.  

Updating your traditional classic home is a simple and inexpensive process!  It’s time to focus on your home’s exterior and modernize without changing rooflines and tearing out walls. A brick&batten design makes you the expert… creating a vision and plan to move forward. Get started on yours today.