Memorial Day Flag Etiquette


Flag Etiquette… where did it go?  Memorial Day means more than white jeans, pool’s open, and race day. Memorial Day, we celebrate those who fight for our freedom! That being said, to show our respect, many homes hang the American flag, Old Glory, in the yard.  We receive questions all the time about flag etiquette, wondering how to display the American flag appropriately on the exterior of a home.  We all appreciate patriotism but want to be sure it’s done correctly!  

4 Important Ways to Show You Have Flag Etiquette

  1. Orient your flag correctly:  

Whether your flag is being displayed horizontally or vertically, the flag stars should be on the top left.  The viewer is considered to be outside looking at the flag.

  1.  Illuminate your flag:

Traditionally, flags are to be displayed from sunrise to sunset; however, if your flag is properly illuminated, it can be displayed through the night.  Therefore, brick&batten recommends a landscape spotlight on a timer.  Some poles, as seen in the photo below, offer solar illumination, which is also an option.

  1.  Worn flags should be retired:

Flags that appear worn should be respectfully disposed of.  You may burn your flag or call the American Legion, who will pick up your flag and be sure it’s disposed in a dignified way.  

  1.  Get on the right side:

Coming out of your door, the American flag should be hung on the right side.  If you face your flag from the curb, it should be displayed on your left.  This is somewhat debatable if there’s only one flag being displayed, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


In conclusion, this Memorial Day, put on those white jeans and hang out at the pool with a cocktail or two.  On your way home, look at all the flags… you’ll see why we receive questions about flag etiquette!  If they only knew… tell your neighbors!