How To Find the Right Garage Door For Your Home’s Style

Choosing the right garage door for your home’s style is a huge decision.  It’s a decision that can significantly improve or demolish your curb appeal, as well as the value of your home.  Some front load garages take up nearly half your home’s facade. That said, it should be beautiful, safe, functional, and appropriate for your home’s style.


If you’re in the process of choosing a new garage door to amp up your curb appeal, here are some pro tips to be sure you choose the correct garage door for your home’s style, your needs, and environment.



No. 1//

Garage Material Matters

Choosing a garage material that suits your environment and climate is key to your sanity. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the door, if it doesn’t work in your climate then it shouldn’t be considered.  With metal, fiberglass, composite, glass, and wood options, find the material that best suits your environment and start your search.


No. 2//

Extreme Temperature Changes- Try Fiberglass

If you live in a climate with extreme highs and lows, a fiberglass garage door will have the durability and strength you’re looking for, while also being lighter weight.  Many fiberglass garage doors are made to look like real wood. A more modern fiberglass garage door are composite doors that have a steel core and fiberglass skin that’s reinforced with a plastic material. Many also have an additional layer of polyurethane to insulate what’s inside. Check out these Canyon Ridge doors… it doesn’t get much better. Gorgeous and mimic the wood look that everyone is after.


No. 3//

Hurricane or High Wind Area- Try Steel

Steel garage doors have become more popular recently because they are customizable, durable, and cost effective. These sturdy doors offer protection from denting, warping, and cracking because they are made from lower gauge steel.  The lower the gauge number, the stronger and thicker the steel. Looking for a wind resistant garage door is important if you live in an environment where the city ordinance expects it or the area is known for damaging winds and water. Clopay WindCode Garage Doors are storm ready.  You simply close and lock.


No. 4//

Love the Look- Try Wood

Wood garage doors are gorgeous and when they’re new there’s no comparison between a fiberglass or steel trying to mimic the wood grain.  Wood is timeless and adds an elegance to every home style. A custom made wooden garage door, decked out with hardware is hard to beat! That said, wood doors also require maintenance. They may warp and swell in different climates and need to be water sealed for protection.


No. 5//

Garage Safety

Honestly, when my kids were little, the garage door scared me. It was fun to play with, jump over the sensor, push the button, etc. and suddenly, as they got older, many times the code was given out to friends and the garage was left open at night. In my mind, the safety features a garage door provides is worth the extra money.


Can the garage door be linked to my car so there isn’t a remote control floating around somewhere that I can’t find?

Is there a keypad to operate the garage so kids don’t have the remote? I prefer a keypad code that can be easily changed when friends end up with the code. Which WILL happen.

Do you know and are you comfortable using the emergency release pull cord so when the power goes out you can still get your car out of the garage?

Is there a sensor that will override the garage if something is in front of it that shouldn’t be there?

Does that manufacturer offer a way alert you when the garage has been left open?

I don’t know if this is an option, but I would love a sensor that alerts me when I’m getting ready to pull in with bikes on the top…definitely something to think about, Clopay.


No. 6//

Choose a Style That Works for Your Home’s Architecture

Garage doors have come a long way! Long gone are the days that every garage is brown or white with 12×12 squares all over the outside, or just one, big, heavy, solid, door.  These days you can select garages with a field color on the panels and trim color throughout, windows that are arched or square, wood or fiberglass, individual or double door, different designs and architectural details can be added to the panels to mimic your home, doors that slide and swing out, even the glass in the windows can be etched or frosted.  That said, the design options are limitless and manufacturers have made it easy to find something that works for your home’s architecture.


Now you’ve determined the garage material that suits your environment and you’ve selected something that’s safe and works well for the needs of your family.  Clopay has an excellent selection of doors for every environment and architecture! That said, it’s time to talk more about #6 and dig into the style and look that complements your home.


Are you in a mid-century modern or contemporary house? If so, check out these designs.
garage door


Are you in a traditional colonial type home? If so, check out these designs.
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modern farmhouse garage


bungalow garage door
Clopay Coachman Garage


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garage door



Choosing the right garage door for your home’s style is a huge decision.  It’s a decision that can significantly improve or demolish your curb appeal, as well as the value of your home.  Some front load garages take up major real estate on the front of your house. That said, why are you settling for the old school white or brown garage when there are so many wonderful options to choose from?  Settle no more… with all the different garage door materials and styles, there are no excuses for starting the search for the perfect door that works well with your home’s architecture.

Your garage door is too big of an investment to leave it up to chance.  Our brick&batten designers would love to partner with you on a virtual exterior design. Choosing the perfect garage door, paint colors, windows, lighting, etc. is exactly what we do!