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Painting Your Home? 12 Things to Know Before You Start

There are 12 things to know before painting your home. Choosing a home exterior paint color can be frightening. Our brick&batten designers have come up with some solid ways to help you choose the best home exterior paint color without losing your sanity in the process.  Spending countless hours in front of the paint samples ...

Painting Your House? You Better Understand LRV

Are you painting your house? You better understand LRV. Understanding a bit about LRV will help you in selecting the correct shade of any paint color — but especially white — for your environment. Painting your house white sounds so simple! White is crisp, clean, and beautiful… it should be easy. But it’s not. White ...

Designer Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Are you looking for designer tips  in choosing your exterior paint colors?  If so, you’re not alone! Standing at the hardware store looking through thousands of paint chips is just plain overwhelming. Reaching in front of people to grab what looks like the perfect shade, in the awkward light, just doesn’t work! Not to mention, ...