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How to Select the Best Door Awning for Your Entry

Have you ever fumbled to find the key to your front door and it suddenly started to rain? A door awning is an excellent way to shield your entrance from the elements and prevent weather-related damage to your front door. Door awnings also create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing entrance, enhancing curb appeal. These elements ...

How to Update Your Main Entrance for Maximum Curb Appeal

The main entrance is often the first part of your home people see, and therefore, it has a major impact on your curb appeal. A dated or uninviting main entrance can give guests and passersby a bad first impression of your home.  If you’re looking for ways to update your main entrance, you’re in the ...

Our Favorite Door Knockers: Designer Picks

Door knockers are one of those design elements that can be both functional and decorative. In addition to providing guests with a way to alert homeowners of their presence, knockers also add visual interest to the door they’re situated on.  If you’re considering adding a door knocker to your home or want to replace your ...