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Michigan Lake House Exterior Design

Meghan G. contacted brick&batten to help with a redesign of her Michigan lake house exterior. This charming home is on an inland lake. Meghan and her family use it as a vacation home and also as a short-term rental property. She knew that not only would an exterior update improve her family’s experiences at the ...

Cottage Style House Update in Wisconsin

The popularity of the “cottage core” aesthetic propelled cottage style houses to the top of the results of a recent study on Americans’ favorite home styles. The aesthetic, which encompasses fashion and lifestyle as well as home design, is a mishmash of fairytale vibes and simple countryside living. When Maureen G. in Wisconsin reached out ...

12 Blue Exterior House Colors We Love

Blue exterior house colors run the spectrum from the depths of nearly-black navy all the way to subdued, pale shades. Whether you’re after a daring and moody vibe or you’re going for a look that’s airy and refreshing, our designers can help you find your just-right blue tone. While we are happy to explore any ...