Cottage Style House Update in Wisconsin

The popularity of the “cottage core” aesthetic propelled cottage style houses to the top of the results of a recent study on Americans’ favorite home styles. The aesthetic, which encompasses fashion and lifestyle as well as home design, is a mishmash of fairytale vibes and simple countryside living.

When Maureen G. in Wisconsin reached out to us to transform her lakeside home, we focused on a simple-yet-elevated cottage appeal. Read on for the full story.

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Before, this cottage house was a mixture of red and beige brick and an uninviting brown porch

The Before

Maureen’s cottage style house fit the definition — a charming home with a simple layout — but its exterior was outdated.

Maureen dreamed of a change. Then, a friend used brick&batten’s design service when remodeling her home. Maureen thought her friend’s brick&batten design was “impeccable” and was eager to work with our team on her own redesign. As she explained,

Our main goal was to add a screened-in porch on our upper deck [and] new siding, windows, and doors.

The first design deliverable of the cottage house showed a screened-in porch with navy paint, white trim, and light wood stain.

The Design

Maureen shared what working with brick&batten was like for her:

The process was quite simple… [we] simply uploaded pictures of the front of our lake house and provided a brief description of what we were hoping to accomplish.

The first virtual exterior design she received (above) showed Maureen’s preferred siding material in a mid-range navy blue — Needlepoint Navy by Sherwin Williams. Our designers paired this with Pure White, also by Sherwin Williams, on the trim and gutters. The screened-in porch showcases large doors, white columns, and gray and black decor and accents, with the decking stained dark walnut. Topping it off are plenty of potted plants and a dark gray shingle roof.

Our designers don’t suggest structural changes, but if a homeowner desires something, like a screen porch, we can work that into their design. The resulting deliverable can guide your design decisions once you begin planning the renovation with your contractor.

The final version of the design showed the deck in a darker stain, per Maureen’s request:

The revision Maureen requested for the cottage house has a darker more earthy wood stained porch.

This side view of the cottage house shows how much great real estate Maureen had to work with

The Process

Maureen worked with a contractor to build the screen porch and implement her new cottage style home design. Her description of the process could help other homeowners considering a similar remodel:

The detail provided by brick&batten was excellent. We hired NCR Construction, and they were able to follow the design and utilize the recommendations for color, material, etc. We did make some modifications to material due to availability, but followed the theme and direction provided by brick&batten. Our contractor was extremely impressed with the level of detail in just a rendering and said it was one of his most fun projects.

Due to material delays, it did take a little longer than anticipated. We replaced the cedar decking with composite, and, once that was complete, the project took a few months (both weather and material delays). The project began in early winter and was ready for Memorial Day weekend.

The cottage house's outside porch also has lots of room for seating -- perfect for gazing out at the lake

The Actual After

Maureen’s updated lake house / cottage style house medley has a nautical feel, thanks to the navy paint. The white trim is airy and fresh, while the covered porch is both functional and beautiful.

It looks like we have a brand-new home! In addition to the screen porch and siding, we also updated the hardscape with our contractor Landscape Construction Corp (patio, retaining walls, walkways, and stairs). Our neighbors are amazed. We have boaters driving by and asking about the transformation. Of course, we are thrilled to recommend brick&batten and also our contractors.

We are so impressed by this remodel! The home looks like it belongs on the lake. We love Maureen’s personal touches, like how she carried the home’s colors through to these lounge chairs:

The cottage lake house now features matching white and blue sun chairs

Before, the rust-colored siding screamed 1970s. Now, the navy paint complements the setting and the home’s gorgeous original stone chimney and retaining walls. Together, they create that beloved cottage style atmosphere, perfect for a family getaway.

The cottage house sits right on a lake making its navy color a perfect fit

We absolutely love how the screen porch’s pitched ceiling turned out (below). The white paint makes it feel fresh. Plus, all of the seating options provide the perfect place to watch boats on the lake.

The large airy porch has plenty of room for furniture

The cottage house oversees a yard full of cozy seating as well as a pool

A Nautical Cottage Style House Getaway

After the remodel, Maureen’s nautical cottage style house looks its part — a place to host big family gatherings on the weekends and in the summer. The home fits its wooded, lakeside environment perfectly. We hope Maureen makes many memories there in the years to come.

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