Avoid Pitfalls: Turn Your Blueprints Into a Virtual Design

It’s time to avoid pitfalls and turn your blueprints into a virtual design. If you are in the planning stages of building your new home, you probably wish you had a partner in design to confirm the choices you are making are the best for your home’s exterior. You probably also wish there was a way to see it before making big decisions about the design and finishes you select. That said, you are not alone.  There is a way to avoid pitfalls and SEE your project prior to making important choices.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are over 1.4 million new homes going up in the US each year. More than half of new homeowners share at least some regret with their purchase. They also commonly experience stress about their home when they only have blueprints or samples to reference when making decisions. Avoid pitfalls: turn your blueprints into a visual design. This will reduce the chances of experiencing regret with your new home.

Luckily, brick&batten has an excellent solution to turn your blueprint into a super realistic rendering of your future home.

ultra realistic home renderings and design service


Pitfalls can occur when building a new home. If you are aware of these pitfalls, you can be sure to avoid them.

Pitfall #1 – Making choices that look good in your head, but not in real life

You’ve  scoured Pinterest and have a plan. Then, upon executing, the plan in your head just doesn’t come to life as you envisioned.  It’s painful… but amplify that 10x when it happens to your new home.

The last thing you want to experience is spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, on your home and regretting the decisions you’ve made.

Many times contractors or builders are making design choices on your behalf. Other times, you’ve been asked to make these choices quickly in a showroom with obscure light and someone standing over your shoulder. Making a design mistake could mean spending additional money and time you didn’t plan for, to fix those issues. Perhaps worse, you may be forced to live with these choices for years to come, wishing you would have chosen option A instead of option B.


Things often don’t look the same in real life as they do in your head. Our design team is ready to partner with you to help make these decisions. Creating a visual rendering of what our choices will look like makes you the expert. You take away the risk by visualizing a design created by professionals, thanks to virtual design services like brick&batten.

Pitfall #2 – Choosing finishings that don’t go well together

The thing that makes a home design great isn’t choosing a specific piece that you really love. Instead, what makes a home truly Pinterest worthy is selecting finishings and colors that work well together.

You may like all the options you picked out individually, but if they don’t work well together, you may end up needing to fork over more cash. Our belief is that it’s just as easy to paint your house the right color as the wrong color. So, let’s get it right!


When trying to plan what your new home will look like, think about how each choice and decision relates to one another. Like how this design below comes together with finishings that complement the features and style of the home sketch.

turn your home sketch into a realistic rendering

Pitfall #3 – Designing your exterior without considering future buyers

We love bringing a family’s personality, preferences, and style into their home. However, if it is not your forever home, you may want to take into account what future buyers will be looking for.

We have seen homes that have gone to the extreme, spending millions of dollars on a custom home build that they love; however, when it comes time to sell it doesn’t have a market that shares the same passion. Unfortunately, these homes sit on the market and  risk foreclosure.


If you interested in selling down the road, choosing finishes and layouts that will appeal to buyers when you go to sell is essential. This can be hard to know if you are not constantly keeping up with the residential housing market. Working with a designer can help you make sure your home will hold its value when you go to sell with  a classic and timeless design, rather than a fleeting trend.

Pitfall #4 – Letting your builder be your designer

Builders and contractors are not typically designers.

Many people who choose to build a custom home, instead of buying an existing home, do so for the option to create a design as they envision. Therefore, many times you’re left at the hands of your builder. Builders are smart and often excellent at building; however, most don’t have true design experience.  Using a home template with A, B, and C choices not only cuts costs but speeds up the process.

In many cases, builders just have a list of finishings and layouts for you to pick from. That said, you don’t need to settle for that.


Why not bring out your dream homes full potential by working with an exterior designer instead?

Many builders want to work with and listen to your ideas. They want you happy. Qualify the builder you choose to work with by asking them if they are willing to build a true custom-designed home.

How to avoid all these pitfalls and turn your blueprints into a visual rendering with brick&batten’s design service

What if you could actually SEE what the home will look like before the foundation is even laid? This would eliminate the risks and potential pitfalls made when building your new home.

This is now possible thanks to brick&batten’s virtual exterior design service.  The process is simple: Send a few details about the goals of your project. Upload a blueprint of the home. Then, our brick&batten design team creates a custom design of your home’s exterior, arming you with a realistic rendering. Followed with specific colors and ideas, and a helpful shopping list, so you know how to bring your design to life.

Just look at these beautiful home exterior designs!

modern two story home blue print visualization
home exterior blueprint to virtual rendering service

Partner with our design team and get started today by ordering your online design. Just make sure to select “Yes” when they ask, “Is this a new construction or home addition?” This ensures your blueprint will be turned into a Pinterest worthy virtual design.