What is a Home EXTERIOR Designer?

What is a home exterior designer? Simple. Just like an interior designer is an expert on your home’s interior, an exterior designer is an expert on your home’s exterior! We know everything from paint, lighting, doors, awnings, shutters, planters, roof styles, to porticos, home additions, and cladding.  At brick&batten we have experts in every area, always on the lookout for what works and what doesn’t! Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

house styles

There are so many reasons to get a virtual home exterior design.  We’ve all drooled over Chip and Joanna Gaines’ masterpieces and wondered how they make it look so simple… not a hair out of place and she is always smiling.  There may be an unexpected foundation issue or beam infested with termites, but they continuously make it look easy!  Take it from me and many brick&batten clients and friends, it is NOT EASY!  It’s gut wrenching, pocket book draining, muscle sore limping, heart palpitation type work. 

No matter what your level of need, we have seen it all. Our designers believe in making it easy.  Not every house needs walls removed and rooflines changed…. and the expensive architect and dumpster in the front yard for months. 

That said, we have worked with a lot of clients that need a parter in home design for one reason or another:

  • Do you need some guidance to obtain the look you’re dreaming of?
  • Are you wanting to sell your home and need to update for top profit?
  • Are you buying a home and need assistance (other than the builder) in choosing the right colors, siding, rock, brick, lighting, etc?
  • Possibly you just need a second opinion to be sure you’re on the right track.  
  • Or, are you one that has no vision and would like help choosing what’s best for your home exterior?
  • Are you a realtor and need marketing material for a home that just won’t sell?
  • Do you own a business and need a facelift to help with rebranding and bringing the business back to life?

Check out some of our before&after places, for all different types of needs:

Hello, Kansas!  This client knew the design wasn’t quite right and wanted to hire a professional to offer ideas on how to jazz up his curb appeal before building. Your home is your greatest investment. Don’t leave style and design up to your builder.

iron door

This Nashville realtor was given continuous feedback that the house needed curb appeal. So, brick&batten offered color choices to help with marketing.

Husband bought it.  Wife hated it.  They’re now looking to turn this traditional house into her contemporary dream home before she insists on moving again.

This Chattanooga stunner was bought by an investor to flip.  What a transformation for that lucky owner! The enclosed breezeway and porch make this house a 10!

We have a lot of investors that are looking to buy and rent…

door transom

We love our repeat clients!  This family used us for their personal home and now bought a place in Kansas to rent. That side porch and swing will make for amazing memories!

Have the plan but now need help with the finishes?  Yup…brick&batten does that too!

Check out this Milwaukee Hotel going through rebranding and needing a facelift!

….. or this wedding shop on a prominent corner of town.

This interior designer had all the ideas on how to modernize her traditional ranch, but wanted to see before she committed to exterior changes!


There are so many reasons to hire a home exterior designer as a partner in your design choices. Choosing to get a virtual exterior design makes you the expert and able to make informed decisions.  We take the guesswork out of color and home finishes by helping select what’s best for your architectural style and personal taste.  Learn more about how brick&batten can help you with any home exterior project you’re considering, or get started on your exterior design project right now.