5 Reasons to Paint Your Brick House

I’ve read article after article with reasons why not to paint your home exterior brick; however, I still did it!  After talking to painting experts and doing huge research on the pros and cons, I still did it! I painted my brick and I couldn’t be happier…

Is your brick looking dated and tired?  Maybe you’re just sick of it. If you’re looking for a home exterior update, painting your brick is definitely an option.  I recently painted my brick and absolutely love it! I am happy with the decision and would do it again if given the chance.  Is it for everybody? No, but instead of shaming those of us who love it, here are a few reasons why painting brick is an option to be considered!  

#1. It’s an easy fix to create major curb appeal.  

When done correctly, painted brick is gorgeous and adds to your home’s value. Using a dark color like Wrought Iron or even a lighter Olympic Mountains, this change will create a major visual impact.


#2.  Brick is a sturdy dependable material that is made to last.  

Unlike siding, which may need replaced over time, if you take care of your brick, it won’t need replaced.  


#3.  Paint may act as a protectant.

When your brick house is properly updated with new paint the sealant may act as a protectant and help reduce fading and mortar deterioration.


#4.  Easier to clean.

Brick is naturally porous; therefore, debris, pollen, and dirt may get trapped in the pores and nooks in the brick.  After painting, the surface appears smooth and easier to clean with a good power wash. Be sure to watch your pressure.  Anything above 3,000psi may damage your brick.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.
Photo: Classic Finishes

#5.  You need to love your house.

The bottom line is you should love your house.  If you don’t love your brick, then by all means change it!  


Things to consider before you take the brick paint plunge…

  • After you paint your brick house you can’t easily go back.  The good news is you can paint as often as you like and don’t need to stay married to one color forever!
  • Excessive moisture may cause paint to chip.  This means your home needs to be repainted… according to the experts at Networx a good paint job should last 15 years.

In conclusion, if you paint your brick correctly, it is a great investment that will definitely jazz up your curb appeal and get your neighbors talking! We spend a lot of time at brick&batten researching paint and different options for siding. If you’re considering painting your brick or siding, let us partner with you on a color that will stand the test of time, help you love your house again, and be an excellent return on investment. Get started today!