20 Painted Brick Houses to Inspire You in 2020

We virtually paint brick houses everyday and know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve found 20 painted brick houses to inspire and get you excited to paint your brick. Despite being a controversial topic, painted brick is a DO. Honestly I’m not sure why the hesitation. If you don’t like your brick, why are you living with something you don’t love? You absolutely don’t have to!

Painting your brick is not only safe but beautiful. Depending on the color you choose and the style of the home, the end result can be timeless and classic or modern and cool! Sometimes paint adds charm and character to an otherwise drab brick. Other times it creates a more dramatic sleek look with darker shades. It also creates a dynamic feel to leave the fireplace, walkway, or columns unpainted while painting the rest. Either way, if the color is right, painted brick is a curb appeal game changer!

Our brick&batten designers get questions every single day about painting brick. People want to know it’s safe to do and isn’t a fad that’s going to look outdated in a few years. No fear. Painted brick homes have been around for a long time. It’s not a fad. Paint is getting better and now with RomaBio there is no reason not to paint!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1

First, we get questions every day asking if it damages the brick to paint over it. Our response: NO! RomaBio masonry paint does an excellent job of taking that worry away. RomaBio is mineral based, which essentially means your brick can breathe.  If painted correctly, your house won’t peel, flake, or bubble in different environments. It also has a UV protectant to help with fading and is naturally mold resistant.  

Question #2

Also, we get asked frequently if it requires more maintenance because now the brick is painted. Our response: Because of its durability, RomaBio says your home won’t need repainted for 15-25 years. At that point you may have painted your siding twice! 

Question #3

Finally, people are asking if it’s expensive to paint your brick. Our response: That depends. How big is your house? Where are you located? What time of year are you painting? Do you live in a ranch or two story? Are you hiring a pro painter or a college kid home for summer break? According to Home Advisor, the average cost to paint a 2,500 square foot home is $7,000.  

That said, it’s time to really consider painting your brick house. Painting is a quick fix and can give you the curb appeal boost you’re ready for!


Check out these painted brick makeovers and get inspired!

Design 1

This client was ready to update this darling rental. We went with a lighter color and added a flagstone walkway to lead your guests to the beautiful custom door.

painted brick Seapearl


Design 2

This home screams 1990’s and just needs updated. Painting the brick, adding metal awnings with natural wood brackets, and replacing the windows with a modern design was a great start to this transformation.

painted brick


Design 3

We wanted to draw all eyes to the front porch area. Adding the lighter brick accomplishes this goal!

limewash brick and stairs


Design 4

I love this Indiana house update. The before is drab and boring… but with a beautiful color, architecturally correct shutters, and copper accents, suddenly this house comes to life!

painted brick gray


Design 5

Home Sweet Home! Limewash is back! Many clients are asking for a limewash paint because of its beautiful classic look. Also, notice the fireplace exterior has not been painted. That’s an intentional design choice. With the arched windows, the arched door was a perfect selection to finish out this makeover.

limewash brick


Design 6

This mid-century modern has my heart. With all the trees in the area, the house felt dark and just needed some lightening up! Painting the brick and siding was the first step to this makeover. Those steps and wood bench are a beautiful way to guide your guests to the modern door and huge sidelight. Couldn’t be prettier!

modern painted brick


Design 7

People see this house on brick&batten social media and immediately we get comments on how much it’s loved! And we can see why. The painted brick, custom door, and Marvin windows definitely create a curb appeal stunner.

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modern painted brick


Design 8

This client came to us with these two historic townhouses. She knew it was time to paint the brick but didn’t want to paint the trim or replace the windows. The walkway, metal awning, and wooden doors brought this one to life again.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.
historic painted brick Revere Pewter


Design 9

This mid-century modern design was so fun to create. Mid-Century homes are known for using natural elements to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. The color, natural wood accents, and new steps did just that.

Mid-Century Modern painted brick


Design 10

This traditional house was loaded with brick that she was ready to paint a lighter color. With the new dark windows, pergola, and small patio, it no longer looks like a school but more like a family home.

Onyx garage and painted brick


Design 11

This lovely design was a celebration of the Gateway Inn’s 50th anniversary. Hale Navy is a huge paint color in 2020. It feels warm and inviting, without being harsh and stark.

painted Hale Navy commercial space


Design 12

This design took my breath away. The painted brick and cedar siding, creates the perfect backdrop for the white trim and pergola.

painted brick


Design 13

Another one of those 1990’s houses with the busy windows and huge entry way. People come to us all the time with a similar house style wanting an updated look, with a timeless design. Without updating the windows, we started with the RomaBio brick color and a modern door.

Repose Gray


Design 14

This interior designer came to us wanting to paint her brick a dark color. All of a sudden grandma’s ranch is now a magazine worthy, modern.

Iron Mountain painted brick

Checkout the design in progress below:


Design 15

We chose darker paint for this traditional house to add interest. The herringbone brick walkway, shutters, and columns keep the traditional style with a transitional feel.

before and after painted brick


Design 16

This little ranch just needed some TLC. Painting the brick, replacing the door, and walkway creates a beautiful way to greet guests.

painted SeaPearl ranch


Design 17

YES! We design commercial spaces, too. Nothing says bridal like a white house, with white dresses, in the big picture windows.

Painted brick commercial space


Design 18

The lighter color is an excellent backdrop for the aged copper lighting and beautiful landscape.

painted brick with modern windows


Design 19

This Tudor house was buried in landscape and with the dark color seemed lost behind it all. Our goal was to lighten up the design and draw eyes to the doorway.

painted brick tudor


Design 20

Do you love modern designs like we do? Get rid of the fleshy brick and go lighter. With wood accents, dark gutters, cylinder lights, and the side wrap window, this house is so happy.

Seapearl brick


Overall, recent years have brought major changes to the paints we use on our homes’ exteriors. You no longer have to be afraid to paint your brick because of the horror stories of peeling and flaking. With RomaBio, painting brick has never been easier, safer, and more beautiful!

Don’t live another day pulling into a driveway of a home you’re not crazy about.  Paint is an easy fix, and when done correctly adds serious value to your home. If you’re unhappy with your home’s current color or style, our brick&batten team would love to partner with you on a virtual exterior design that works with your home’s architecture.


For more on how our brick&batten process works, click here. Or, contact us for more information.