15 of Our Favorite Home Makeovers for 2020

 15 of Our Favorite Home Makeovers for 2020


Home makeovers, for us house junkies, are so exciting to see! We love every house we design; however, I’ve come up with 15 of my favorite home makeovers. Sometimes it’s paint and other times it’s a gable or added porch. Whatever the change, it’s always fun to see how Joanna Gaines can visualize a project, and we can see it come together in a beautiful house… literally the houses go from worst to first in a 30 minute program! It looks so easy!  That said, for most people, it’s far from easy.

You may know what you like and don’t like but visualizing these changes on your house can be difficult. That said, you may have looked through so much on Pinterest that you don’t have any idea what you like… you’re all over the board! Or, you may be one of those that doesn’t know anything about exterior home design… and frankly, you don’t care. You just want a pretty house! No matter what the reason, our brick&batten designers are trained in home exterior design.  They know color, style, trends, and architecture. That said, you don’t have to be an expert because we have a team of experts ready to share their passion with you!  

We’ve designed a lot of stunning home exteriors in 2020; however, there are some beauties that deserve to be recognized, not only because they are gorgeous but also easy to achieve.


House No. 1//

As soon as our designers got a hold of this one, they saw a gem that just needed updated. Paint makes a huge difference! Amherst Gray is a warm shade that pairs well with stone and black accents.  This client wanted to enclose the porch without making it look like a home addition. The flat panels on the porch pair well with the flat panel Sunbelt Shutters.  


House No. 2//

This beautiful home looks like  a lot of the houses we see at brick&batten. It’s gorgeous but just needs updating!  Pairing paint with stone, takes some color knowledge! By removing the Juliette balcony and shutters, also fixing the older columns around the door,  the home updated almost immediately. Then, we added wood accents and updated to an iron door.  


House No. 3//

This wonderful client had a vision and wanted to bring the vision to life.  With a sketch of the house, we created her dream home! We chose James Hardie Rich Espresso siding and dark windows and accents, and this home was ready to deliver.


House No. 4//

Some houses are just fun to design because they have so much potential! Who wouldn’t want to hang out at the pool and eat dinner at the outdoor kitchen?  This client wanted limewash, which we are loving right now!Creating an outdoor living space was the goal… this is becoming more and more common in 2020 and we can definitely see why.


House No. 5//

This home has a contemporary vibe with a wonderful outdoor space. As outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular that’s a great place to spend money for a large ROI.  


House No. 6//

This house has great bones! The stone is beautiful and the layout is so unique.  The roof needed replacing so a dark charcoal to match the darker siding really made the stone stand out. Also, beefing up the columns was needed for the porch roof to look aesthetically correct. Finally, this client had a beautiful door, so framing in the doorway was a great way to draw eyes that way. 


House No. 7// 

When you say you don’t love your tri-level and you’re gutting the inside, we can absolutely help with that.  Extending the front porch area and adding more glass draws your eyes to the door instead of the left window. Finally, the little bump outs are dated.  Creating a larger window with metal awnings updates the look and allows for more light inside.


House No. 8//

An investor came to us with this little California bungalow that just needed some love! Adding the modern walkway, covering to the porch, and wood paneling around the entrance is a great way to greet guests. Do you prefer the lighter color or darker color? 


House No. 9//

Clients are asking us more and more about limewash paint.  If you’re worried about painting, limewash is a beautiful alternative! Leaving the exposed brick fireplace and the wood trim around the door, adds to the character of this beautiful spot.

House No. 10//

Wow! Checkout this stunning transformation. Before, all you see is the garage door and wall above. Now, the house looks cohesive and the deck creates a livable space upstairs.


House No. 11//

This color is called Secret by Benjamin Moore. It shouldn’t be a secret because it’s gorgeous! We design a lot of traditional homes but this was challenging because the roof color is very red and the home lacked character.  The way the house came together is why it made my list. Instead of shying away from the brown roof, embrace it as a fixed element and find pieces that work well with the color.


House No. 12//

This house definitely needed to be lightened up, but I think what really added character to this home was the beautiful railing and door design.


House No. 13//

Simple changes for a big impact! This house didn’t need much but what a difference the darker paint makes.  Adding the French doors extended the living room with a beautiful patio space. 


House No. 14//

Water properties can pull off a monochromatic look with stylish ease.  A little paint and wood accents are all this one needed.


House No. 15//

At brick&batten, we are asked all the time how to update a simple ranch. Well, here’s a way… the pink brick was covered with Romabio paint. The multifaceted bay window was updated, along with the older windows and door.  What made the biggest impact was adding the front porch space with the metal roof.  


Overall, every house we design at brick&batten we fall in love with. Sometimes it’s paint and other times it’s a gable or added porch. Home makeovers, for us house junkies, are so exciting to see! These 15 caught my eye today, but ask me tomorrow and it could have easily been another 100.  

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