Top 3 Ways to Add Curb Appeal on a Budget in 2019

Everyone wants a beautiful home exterior.  However, sometimes the budget will only allow for a few easy fixes.  Oftentimes, painting an exterior is not in the budget and clients want to know what else can be done to add some interest without going into debt.  

Here are the top 3 places brick&batten would advise clients on a budget to put their money.  

1. Landscape:  This is what we call low hanging fruit…no pun intended.  This is such an easy fix and can be accomplished yourself without spending a fortune.  Most nurseries offer a free design service or can (at the very least), advise a home owner on proper plants for their area.  We recommend a low, clean bush line across the front that doesn’t obstruct windows or look disheveled.  Next, adding color in front with seasonal plants can be done on your own without hiring expensive landscapers.  In addition, freshening up the flower beds with dark mulch.  Avoid red mulch as it tends to look cheap and stylistically, doesn’t go with very many designs.  A dark, rich brown is hard to beat. 

2. Front Porch:  Take a minute and observe if things have collected on the porch that don’t belong there.  A front porch is not a place to store things or a myriad of craft fair finds.  A well kept front porch with clean lighting. 

This can mean addressing the following easy issues! 

a. Power wash steps and porch

b.  If your front porch furniture  looks old and dirty and cannot be brought back to life with stain or paint, it’s time to say goodbye.  

c. Slap a fresh coat of paint or stain on that front door.  Many times, this will require cleaning and sanding to prep but can be done without hiring expensive help.  The cost here is only in the stain or paint and will return dividends.  

d. Add a cool front door knocker or modern address numbers.

3. Lighting:  Clean and fix all lighting issues around the house.  Cleaning glass that could be making your lights appear dirty and old may be all you need to bring dated lighting back to life.  However, adding new fixtures by the front door can be a great investment and doesn’t have to break the bank.  The big box stores offer knock offs to some very high end lighting.  While this lighting may not be of the same quality, it can still go a long way in upping your curb appeal.  For this, we recommend looking at your architecture and deciding what feels right for your style.  Do you have a Craftsman?  A Midcentury Modern?  A transitional ranch?  Once you have determined your style home, look online or other lighting sources like brick&batten and see what appeals to you.  

Boom! There you have it! Three very easy ways to give your house some curb appeal without spending a fortune. Should you need more than just a quick spruce up, we’re here to help you with a virtual exterior design.