21 Painted Houses to Inspire You in 2021

Painting your home’s exterior can definitely feel like a big commitment; however, with the right paint, it’s a game changer for curb appeal. We’ve found 21 painted houses to get you inspired to grab a paint brush! As you will see in these home transformations, the end result can be absolutely spectacular. We created this list for those on the fence to nudge you in the “pro paint your brick, siding, and stucco” direction and to give you some color ideas that will make you glad you did.

While paint color is a key part of any exterior home remodel, it is just one piece to having a cohesive look. Get it right the first time with brick&batten’s exterior home design service. See your home transformation before you commit to costly changes on your largest investment!

21 Painted Houses : Before & After Transformations

#1 // Monochromatic Whites

The first of our 21 painted houses is simply beautiful. The paint completely updated this home without taking away from its charm and architecture. Seapearl is our brick&batten color of the year. Works  every time!

#2 // Dark Is In

The name of this paint, Black Beauty, certainly doesn’t disappoint. We love these dark colored homes especially when nestled in natural surroundings like a lake or the woods. The color helps highlight the natural beauty of its surroundings. Earthy colors are  IN and Black Beauty fits the bill with the wood accents and updated stone.

#3 // Charcoal Done Right

Iron Mountain is another earthy shade that deserves a second look. It may be our new favorite dark gray with brown undertones. It’s not too dark and works well when paired with contrasting elements like the wood garage and light colored brick in the photo above.

#4 // Try a Blue

If your home was originally gray or white, try a new look with James Hardie siding in Evening Blue. Keep the traditional vibe with a  Craftsman door but add a little flair with the horizontal railing and wood columns.

#5// Same House. Different Color.

If  you’re not sure what color to choose, you have a partner in home design with brick&batten. Why not see two color options before you commit. Earthy  shades are big this year. Darker blues and sage greens will be stealing the show. Check out this James Hardie siding in Neighborhood Park.

#6 // Let Them Stare

If you really want to be the show stopper on the street, don’t stop with just a new door. Updating windows, adding wood accents, painting with Romabio, and a fireplace in the backyard- definitely a place we  want to be! Beware, you may catch neighbors standing on your sidewalk and staring at your home in amazement.

#7 // Go All White

When the textures compete against one another instead of compliment each other, we recommend painting it all the same color to merge them together. The results…outstanding.


#8 // Bold Black

This brick&batten client wanted to go black, which is coming out in full force again this year. Lighten it up with white windows, Xeriscape, and corten steel planters.

#9 // Olympic Mountains

The paint here, Olympic Mountains, carries the with it the strength and sophistication the color embodies. With a midrange LRV, there is balance, keeping a home from becoming too white.

#10 // Lovely Grey with a Statement Door

It’s amazing the difference painting brick can make. If you are in-between charcoal and an off white why not try Chelsea Grey with a statement door? It did wonders for this home.

#11 // Two Tone Home

Exterior design trends in 2021 are all about mixing things up, using a variety of materials, multiple colors, borrowing from multiple styles, you name it. Along with it, adding an accent wall or color to your home is totally on trend.

#12 // Lean Into Your Home’s Architecture

If  you have a contemporary house, lean into the architecture and go for large hung panel cladding. Include a beautiful, simple entryway and wood accents that fit the home’s style.

#13 // A Grand Makeover

Are you ready to get rid of the Old English look and update with a Studio McGee type makeover? Check out this stunner!

#14 // Dark Accents

Some great ways to add depth to the look is to contrast your windows, doors, and garage.

#15 // Looking for a Farmhouse?

The farmhouse trend is still in full swing.  Wood accents, white paint, an X railing, and farmhouse double door will do the trick.

#16 // Hale Navy. Hale Yes!

Hale Navy is another excellent color choice if you’re looking to go dark and dramatic without committing to black. Paired with white accents and green landscape, Hale Navy becomes a beautiful backdrop.

#17 // Bring Depth

A lot of times a painted brick home isn’t reaching its true potential because of one thing…depth. Adding depth doesn’t necessarily mean adding a front porch, although it might. It’s about adding visual depth that draws your eye in, making your home really stand out.

#18 // Find Your Roots

With Italian roots, this client was looking for an update to reflect their heritage. You don’t need to settle for just painting your brick and cedar. Why not try stone and siding? The arched, wooden, speak easy front door and wooden garage doors with hardware, fit the style perfectly. Add a modern twist with removing the bay window and corten steel planter.

#19 // Embrace the Beach

This California client wanted to transform their bungalow and embrace the beach. Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore and a weather vane did just that.

#20 // Keep the Character

Even when going dark, nothing says your trim must be white. Trim it up with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore to add beautiful contrast without looking too stark.  Then draw all eyes to  your doorway with a peacock color blue- another favorite in 2021.

#21 // Limewash

Last but not least of our 21 painted houses is a limewash finish. If you are still not ready to commit to painting your home, consider a compromise. Limewash allows the brick to still show the through while brightening up the home. Checkout Classic Finishes to get inspired… then tell them brick&batten sent you.

From dark to light and everything in between, a painted brick, stucco, and  siding home can make your home simply beautiful. If you’re not ready  to commit to painting your house, consider painting your front door to add curb appeal. Just remember to keep your home’s architecture in mind, as well as the fixed elements surrounding the house when choosing the perfect shade.

If you are like us and have a hard time visualizing what your home will look like when it’s completed, partner with the exterior design pros at brick&batten, and order a custom home design online. We provide custom exterior design services and help our clients visualize the transformation, with a realistic rendering as shown above. We also provide links to our suggested resources, making you the expert. Get started today!