12 Tips for Home Exterior Design in 2019

12 Tips for Home Exterior Design in 2019

We have cultivated some projects and come up with 12 tips to help with your house exterior design.  A beautiful house exterior is just as important, if not more important, than a beautiful interior.  Maybe it’s time to show your house some love with simple changes that create a big impact!

Tip #1.

Front Load Garage Tips:

Do you have the dreaded front load garage? Your garage takes up too much real estate on the front of your home to just ignore it…. It’s like the elephant in the room.  That said, we say either hide it or make it beautiful! There are so many options now for garage doors that if you are ready to replace you can find something beautiful.  If you’re not ready to replace, just add garage hardware or paint your existing garage.  This will make a world of difference.

Modern Wooden Garage
White Window Garage Design
Garage Inspiration
Wooden Carriage Garage Doors, Arched Design
Painted to Disappear Garage Door
Garage Door/ Left Harmony

Tip #2.  

Brick Color Tips:

Is your brick color driving you crazy?  What you thought was great in the showroom may not translate the same when it appears in your environment.  Your house exterior design is effected by awful looking brick.  Brick can be  gorgeous, durable, and timeless.  We love brick; however, sometimes the color isn’t ideal.  That said, we say don’t be afraid to find a good painter and paint your brick.  

Peach Brick Painted
Origami White Sherwin Williams
Origami White
Traditional Ranch with Updated Curb Appeal
Wrought Iron
Painting Pink Brick
Orange Brick After
Washed Out Brick After

Tip #3.

Old Window Tips:

When your windows are old, sometimes a good cleaning can help spruce them up again.  Other times, adding trim around the window will bring life back to the area and create the appearance of larger windows.  Sometimes the windows just appear old because of the out of control bushes in front of them.  So, if possible, clean, trim, and cut.  Windows definitely can make or break your home’s curb appeal.  That said, if it’s time to replace, think simple.  We love Marvin windows because of the quality, selections, and ability to custom make windows to your liking and size.

Modern Windows
Black Window Inlays and Muntins
Updated Windows
Arched Windows
Beef Up Window Trim

Tip #4.

Front Porch Tips:

Are you ready to add a front porch to your home?  Of course you are, and I don’t blame you! Adding a front porch is an excellent way to draw attention to your doorway, protect your guests, and offer more living space.  I spend hours on my porch just talking, working, telling stories, drinking wine, meeting neighbors, and living.  If you have the option, a front porch is life changing! From improving your mental health to amping up your curb appeal, I definitely recommend a front porch for your house exterior design.

Small Porch Added
Pergola Design
Removing Railing and Updating Porch
Porch Update
Wrap Around Porch Added

Tip #5.

Front Door Tips:

Your front door is the focal point of your home and where you greet guests.  That said, it’s a front door is a key to curb appeal; therefore, it should be gorgeous and reflect your personal taste.  A door, done correctly, will return over 100% on investment… this means, in most cases, you are going to make more when you go to sell than what you spent on the door itself.  No brainer!  Right now, Dutch Doors are making a huge comeback.  Also, wood stained doors will never go out of style.  One door color on the way out in 2019 is red; for that reason, stick to blue or more earthy tones.

Blue Front Door
Door That Captures Your Style
Glass and Iron Door
Wooden Double Door
Wood Door
Traditional Painted Glass Door
Modern Door and Walkway

Tip #6.  

House Lighting Tips:

Lighting is extremely important.  It provides security and beauty for your family.  Different lighting should be used on different home styles; however, one thing that remains the same on all home styles is lighting size.  We recommend lighting be ⅓ to ¼ the size of your door.  Taller doorways and rooflines need larger lights!  Most builders go way too small.  We say, don’t be afraid to go big!

Cylinder Lights
Visual Comfort Darlana Lights
Farm Lights over Garage
Phantom Wall Light
Cylinder Lights and Post Light

Tip #7.

Gutter Tips:

Gutters can look cheap and old really quickly.  They are a thing… but unfortunately a necessary thing.  That said, you need to understand the language.  First, the gutter is the horizontal piece along your roofline.  Second, the downspout is the vertical tube going down the side of your house. Third, the elbow is the L shape at the bottom of the downspout that directs water away from your home’s foundation. If your gutters, downspouts, and elbows are usable, they can always be painted to match your house.  If you are looking to replace, we are seeing a lot of copper and more aluminum silver gutters.  They are gorgeous and will update your home instantly; however, they are expensive.  A similar, more cost effective look, may be achieved through painting.

Brown Gutters with Gutter Heads
Copper Downspouts on Tudor Home
Painted Brown Gutters
Silver Aluminum Round Gutters and Downspouts

Tip #8.

Shutter Tips:

As you drive around, look at homes you pass with different shutter styles.  You will notice some look amazing and others look dreadful.  Why?  Because your eye is trained to see when things just don’t look right.  Sometimes you can’t put your finger on it, but you know something is not right with the house design.  If the home has shutters, look no further! Many homes I see have shutters that are not appropriate size for the window.  The shutters should appear to close over the window.  If they don’t, they are too small; therefore, you need a larger shutter. Also, adding shutter hardware is a wonderful was to add character and interest to your windows. 

Appropriately Sized Shutters
Windows Appear Larger with Shutters
Workable Shutters
Add Shutter Hardware
Shutters Added

Tip #9.

Landscape Tips:

This is the time of year that landscape can get out of control if you don’t do the necessary cutting, pulling, weeding, and care for your yard.  Your curb appeal will shine if your landscape is in check.  That means, evaluate your yard. Do you notice dying bushes or grass areas that need to be pulled out and replaced? Have you created a plan or is everything just planted haphazardly?  If you don’t have a plan, we opt for larger bushes in back to provide a green hedge for the small flowering plants in the front.  Many times a local nursery will visit your home if you are buying the plants from them!

Horseshoe Landscape
Landscape Layering
Adding Color to Landscape
Use Rock

Tip #10.

Walkway Tips:

Yes, your walkway leading to the door absolutely matters!  Most walkways are made from builder concrete and serve the purpose; however, if you are looking to set your home apart and add that WOW factor, then changing your walkway to the door is a must!  Finding a walkway to complement your home style is key.  A simple flagstone or brick is a beautiful alternative to a generic builder concrete. Because of this, we say do it!

Brick Walkway
Flagstone Walkway
Brick Walkway
Brick Stairway to Door
Floating Steps as Walkway
Updated Walkway

Tip #11.

Awning, Gable, Portico Tips:

Awnings, gables, and porticos are a fantastic way to add depth and character to your home.  A metal awning, gable, or portico may be used over a door, window, garage, or porch area.  They update the look and provide protection from the weather.  Most awnings are easy to install and less expensive than an alternative type roof.  All are fun and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.  If your house needs a little extra something, an awning will do the job!

Awning Added to Side Window
Different Door Design and Awning Added
Metal Awning Above Doorway
Porch with Open Gable Added
Black Metal Awning Added
Garage Awning
Gable and Window Awnings Added

Tip #12.

Get a brick&batten Virtual Exterior Design:

Have you thought about your home a different color or style? Then it’s time to get a brick&batten virtual exterior design. Maybe you’ve been on our website and just aren’t sure how it works.  If you’re struggling with the vision or just want to see what your home will look like with max curb appeal, then a brick&batten design is for you.  Building a new home and sitting in the showroom with tons of choices, a brick&batten design is for you. Are you are a realtor and want to market a home for potential buyers, a brick and batten design is for you.  Maybe you just need a partner to be sure you’re on the right track, we are there to help you, too.  No matter what the reason or type of home, our brick&batten home exterior designers have seen it all and want to offer help and support.  

Let’s Get Started

Overall, creating a beautiful home exterior doesn’t have to be difficult.  Simple changes create a huge impact with curb appeal. Learn more about our virtual home design service!