8 Mansard Roof Images with Gorgeous Exterior Designs

A mansard roof gives a building a distinctive look. Some people love this roof style, others find it challenging to work with — either way, while mansard roofs might not be super common across America, they exist in our architectural landscape! And it’s our goal at brick&batten to bring out the best in every exterior. Below, we’ve rounded up a handful of mansard roof images that our designers have transformed with stunning curb appeal.

It doesn’t matter if your property has a mansard roof, a flat roof, or if you don’t know what kind of roof it has — the expert exterior designers at brick&batten are here to help you see its potential. And not just the roof’s potential, but that of your entire exterior. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

Mansard roof illustration

What is a mansard roof?

According to Merriam-Webster, a mansard roof is “a roof having two slopes on all sides with the lower slope steeper than the upper one.” Often buildings with this roof style have dormer windows on this steeper lower slope, especially when the home is in a more traditional style. This is because much of the upper level is actually covered by roofing material, so dormers are the only way to let light in to upper level rooms!

Note that sometimes the low slope part at the top of the mansard roof is not visible from the ground, and the slope can be so gradual as to make the upper portion of the roof appear almost flat. (You’ll see this in a few of the mansard roof image examples below.)

Mansard roofs are also called curb roofs — named for the ‘curb’ where the two slopes of the roof meet — or French roofs, as the style is very common in France. Picture a château or Parisian apartment building in your head, and it likely has a mansard roof. In fact, the Louvre is one of the most famous examples of this roof style!

A home with a mansard roof and segmental dormer windows

#1 // Earthy color palette

This traditional home’s rich, earthy color palette complements the charcoal gray mansard roof. Our designers suggested painting the home’s brick, soffit, and eaves in Benjamin Moore’s Deep Creek with accents in Olympic Mountains. Black shutters on the main level windows differentiate them from those in the segmental dormers on the upper level, but the two are connected by a consistent arch shape. We carried this arch shape into the double front entry door.

Brick home with a mansard roof and large dormers

#2 // Natural brick

The segmental dormers on this home are much larger, with room for three-wide windows. As with the home above, we carried design elements throughout this home’s design. Here, we used a grid pattern on all of the windows, including those on the front and garage doors. Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty on the window trim provides contrast against the home’s lighter natural brick, while accents in Revere Pewter function as a warm, subtle complement.

#3 // Contemporary mansard roof

A black metal roof gives this contemporary home, with its classic 1970s/80s architecture, a boost into this decade. Because a mansard roof takes up so much visual real estate on a home’s façade, choosing a roofing material has that much stronger of an impact on curb appeal. Here, a moody color palette of Benjamin Moore’s Temptation on the siding and Nightfall on the trim works well with the dark metal roof color.

Mansard roof images: an example with limewashed brick

#4 // Limewashed brick

This large home is, visually, about half brick and half roof. Our designers suggested a limewash on the brick and a deep slate shingle roof for a unique take on the classic black-and-white color palette. The result is high contrast, creating interesting dimension and layers.

A red brick home with a mansard roof: front view
Backyard oasis designed for a brick home with dormers and a mansard roof

#5 // Front and back view with lots of dormers

Red brick is notoriously difficult in a color scheme, and when paired with a mansard roof it can make for quite the design challenge. However, we think our designers knocked this design out of the park. The choice to use Iron Ore on the trim, eaves, and plentiful dormers gives the exterior depth. Plus the color connects the mid-tone gray in the roof to some of the deeper hues found naturally in the brick.

Duplex with a mansard roof, modern off-white cladding on the main level and a charcoal gray metal roof

#6 // Mansard roof on a duplex

This duplex has a lot of roof and a unique dormer setup, with two separate windows split up by siding. Again, we suggested a metal roof. One benefit of a metal roof for mansard roofs is it’s easier for snow or rain to slide off of the top, less steep portion than with shingles.

#7 // Front and back view with multiple dormer styles

This home with a mansard roof has all sorts of different styles of dormer windows. They’re all officially shed-style, but a few are three-wide, and then there’s the teeny one in the back. Our designers recommended building out the framing around the windows to give them all a cohesive look. The result is lovely and ties in with the style of the front and back porch columns. Furthermore, the metal roofing on the front porch and garage door awnings and the pergola over the back patio provide a welcome variety of texture against all of that shingling.

#8 // Mansard roof on apartment building

This apartment building had vinyl siding on its mansard roof portion that needed to be replaced. Once again, our designers suggested low maintenance metal roofing in combination with steel siding. Here, we used black on the roofing portion to coordinate with the complex’s modern, dark color scheme: Benjamin Moore’s Gray on the brick and Black Beauty on the trim. Accents of steel siding in a wood-look finish bring warmth to the design.

Mansard roof images that translate to real-life updates!

These gorgeous designs of homes with mansard roofs were just the starting point in homeowners — and investment property and commercial building owners — making important changes to their exteriors. To see some real-life afters built from brick&batten designs, check out some of our client stories.

Need recommendations for a roofing material for your mansard roof? A fresh color scheme to coordinate with your existing roof color? Just interested in reading about roof styles, but your home has a flat/shed/hipped roof? The expert exterior designers at brick&batten want to make your curb appeal dreams a reality — no matter your starting point. Get started today.