Modern Aesthetic House Exterior Case Study in Denver

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Tons of our clients want to partner with brick&batten to achieve a modern aesthetic house exterior. Joslyn H. in the Denver area was one of these clients. Our team worked on a new exterior design for her home back in November 2020 and were thrilled when she reached out to us recently with an update:

 We completed our exterior remodel using your rendering as a jumping off point… thank you so much, we could not have pulled it off without your help.

I reconnected with Joslyn to ask her a bit more about her project, including what her experience was like putting her design into action.

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Modern Aesthetic House Exterior Case Study in Denver before photo

The Before

Like many of the smart homeowners we work with (and unknowingly following the advice of our co-founders’ dad!), Joslyn H. bought her home based on location.

We purchased the house because of the location, close to Denver and the view of Downtown Denver, Boulder, and Longs Peak. The house sits on 5 acres, which is hard to find near Denver anymore.

But, as you can see from the ‘before’ photo above, the curb appeal needed some work.

We had no idea where to start to try and figure out what could be done to modernize and tone down the exterior of our home.

That’s where our expert designers came in!

We chose brick&batten based on the ease of use. We sent a picture and in a couple weeks had a great jumping off point and better direction on what we wanted to do.

Modern Aesthetic House Exterior Case Study in Denver brick&batten design rendering

The Design

Toning down the busy brick and highlighting the interesting lines of Joslyn’s home was our goal. We also wanted to introduce some layers and depth to its relatively flat façade.

Our designers suggested a colorblocked aesthetic house exterior. Adding new James Hardie siding to the upper level brought in dimension. This siding as well as the existing siding beneath the carport’s gable and around the main level bay window were rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain. We suggested using Revere Pewter to paint the main level brick and columns on the carport. This greige provides warm contrast. Near-black Onyx on the trim highlights the roofline and suggests a modern style.

Modern garage doors and exterior lighting keep with the theme. Next, we used copper gutters, Corten steel planters, and a beautiful wood stain on the front door to mix in natural materials and warmth.

Modern Aesthetic House Exterior Case Study in Denver brick&batten deliverable

Modern Aesthetic House Exterior Case Study in Denver actual after photo

The Actual After

After we send our clients their rendering and recommended resource list, they decide how to make it happen.

As you can see, Joslyn H. followed her brick&batten design but also made a few adjustments.

Here’s what her process was like:

We worked exclusively with a contractor, BOA Construction, that we used 3 years ago to gut renovate the interior of the home. They were very impressed with the rendering provided by brick&batten. The general contractor was able to go off of the deliverable to make it look like the picture. Every subcontractor was provided the picture of the rendering to make sure it turned out the way we wanted.

Our interior designer, Jodi Cook of Cook Design House, who always said our original brick was very “active,” also made the suggestion to use wood garage doors, which we liked and changed from the original rendering.

Due to some supply chain challenges, it took approximately 4 months to complete the exterior project.

And, of course, as homeowners we’re always tweaking and modifying our aesthetic house exterior updates. Seasonality and changing tastes play a part. As Joslyn explains:

We are waiting to add the Corten steel planter and plants once spring time hits.

Modern Aesthetic House Exterior Case Study in Denver before to actual after transformation

Making dreams of a modern aesthetic house exterior a reality

We think Joslyn’s house looks gorgeous. What a drastic change from the before photo to the actual after! The updated exterior looks like it was meant to be.

So what does Joslyn think of it?

We love the new look of the home. It looks more updated and modern which works well with the roof lines. Our friends and neighbors can’t believe the transformation.

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