Get FIRED UP: 10 Fire Pits for Inspiration

Sit back. Relax. Prepare for spring weather with an outdoor fire pit!  A fire pit is a definite way to add absolute joy to your outdoor space.  Gorgeous stone fire pits are like the front porch swing… you will wonder what you ever did without it.  Stories, music, and beer will flow, along with memories created with kids and neighbors. An outdoor fire pit is a MUST this spring!

We’ve collected different fire pit ideas offering you inspiration on a project well worth your time.

#1. One with nature fire pit

Nothing is better than a fire pit that looks like it belongs outdoors and not in some magazine.  Not hard to create and not hard to enjoy. It’s a space that just lives outside and looks one with nature… and a guitar is a must!

one with nature fire pit idea

#2. Gas fire to add perimeter to outdoor area

Wow!  No better way to define your area than a fire wall.  This wall provides protection, warmth, and beauty.

Fire perimeter wall adds warmth and beauty

#3. Comfy stone fire pit

A fire pit with comfy chairs is definitely one we would want to lounge around day or night!

comfy stone fire pit

#5. Sunken fire pit

The sunken fire pit has gained popularity more recently.  This fire pit we love because of the cozy feel and warmth.  

sunken fire pit

#6. Movable fire pit

If you’re not sure where to commit, try a movable fire pit.  Create memories anywhere with this idea.  The copper color is gorgeous and appears easy to transport, light, and enjoy.  

movable fire pit

#7. Built in seating around fire pit

Many of the fire pits with built in seating don’t look comfortable; however, this style was a firm yes with cushions to sit on and lean against.

built in seating around fire pit

#8. Fire and water

Woah!  There won’t be any roasting marshmallows around this fire, but it sure is interesting. 

#9. For entertainment fire pit

What is not to like? This fire pit is screaming for company! With the comfy sofa, pull up chairs, dining area, and hot tub.  When’s the party?

Fire pit backyard for entertainment

#10. Fire pit goals

This looks so obtainable and casual.  No need to dress up here… just a cozy comfortable spot with seating, string lights, and a bar.  It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Different designs for different house styles, budgets, and needs… these fire pits all inspire and bring people together.  Let us know your favorite! Prepare for spring. Grab your playlist, cooler, and friends and head out back to make some memories!