Coastal Homes Before and After Transformations

Coastal Homes Before and After Transformations

Coastal homes have a vibe and character all their own.  If done correctly, they exude a warm welcome! Now is the perfect time to achieve your coastal house transformation with your own before and after.  This doesn’t have to mean the dumpster in the yard and living in an apartment for months.  Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, the coastal look may be accomplished with simple changes.

With houses, it’s not always what’s on the inside that counts.  Your home’s exterior matters! A drab exterior can make you cringe, while a few easy updates can be life changing.  The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to update your home’s exterior. Let brick&batten help you get the coastal look you’ve always wanted!

Check out these coastal house curb appeal transformations and get inspired:

This client is downsizing to the back bay of Newport Beach.  They are looking for the “vintage California beach bungalow” to welcome guests. They were open to replacing the door, adding window trim, and changing the railing; however, it’s nice to create a design that stands the test of time. Easy and affordable update!

You had me at lollipop palm trees!  This gorgeous transformation was so much fun because there are so many great options… so many, we decided to deliver two designs. Dutch Doors are making a huge comeback; therefore, adding a door that allows natural light and a breeze was a favorable option.  That said, we also like the port hole door that screams “I’m at the beach!”   The X railing adds curb appeal and updates a boring vertical railing, but the cable rail opens up and updates the space.  The pergola type awning and metal awning both add  protection for visitors and also depth for interest. This client didn’t want to replace the brick, so we chose a gray hue on both designs to enhance this fixed element. Which is your favorite?

One of our favorite coastal clients hates the color of her home.  She wants a more neutral color scheme but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a remodel.  Asking for more curb appeal, she said “surprise me!” That’s our favorite kind of client!

So, the mission was to create curb appeal, draw the eyes to the doorway, all while keeping the coastal vibe; however, we also need to do this on a budget.  Mission accomplished!  Just by lightening up the color and opening up the doorway, the vision started to take shape.  The cable rail adds to the style and keeps the view in tact. Finally, we realized the downstairs wall is rotten, probably from moisture.  Needing replaced, we went to a simple, horizontal wood to update and add character.  Home sweet home!

This beautiful project is located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, where zoning can be an issue.  This client noted that the neighborhood is wonderful but loaded with earthy tone houses of browns and greens.  She wants to create a bright, fresh beach house, but also a design that will be approved by the association.  Knowing the goal, we went to creating!

This is one of my favorites because not every house can get away with a beach design and this house absolutely could!  First, nothing says Cali beach town like a whale weather vane and latitude/ longitude address plaque.  Adding the wood accents keeps in harmony with the beautiful environment but the vibrant color gives it the pop needed to stand out among the earthy neighbors.  Yup, it’s a wrap!

Overall, at brick&batten we love exterior home design, and the coastal look is pulling at our heart strings this time of year.  You should love where you live and be proud to call your spot home.  If you’re looking for simple updates to create a warm welcome, use these coastal designs to get inspired, find your look, and finally make some changes to your curb appeal! Get started today.