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Coastal Farmhouse Style Exterior Redesign in Rhode Island

If you’ve ever struggled to make decisions regarding the design of your home’s exterior, you’re not alone. In fact, many homeowners enlist our help to visualize multiple paint colors or various design elements on their house to ensure they’re making the right choices.  That was the case for Meghan M., who discovered brick&batten on Instagram ...

10 Beach Aesthetic Exteriors for Coastal Homes

Coastal homes with a beach aesthetic are highly desirable and usually conjure memories of days spent boating or swimming in the sea. This style of house can be found in various areas throughout the United States, from New England to the Pacific Northwest to Florida’s Gulf Coast. Coastal style is as varied as the cities ...

15 Modern Ranch Style Homes with Massive Curb Appeal

Not your grandma’s ranch! With massive curb appeal, modern updates, and trending color palettes, you will love the modern ranch style homes on this list. We will walk you through what is a ranch style house, and also break down design options, features, and suggestions when upgrading your ranch style house. If you need help ...

Coastal Homes Before and After Transformations

Coastal Homes Before and After Transformations Coastal homes have a vibe and character all their own.  If done correctly, they exude a warm welcome! Now is the perfect time to achieve your coastal house transformation with your own before and after.  This doesn’t have to mean the dumpster in the yard and living in an ...