White Stucco House Update in California

Painting stucco is a simple way to completely transform an exterior. We’ve worked with plenty of clients who have requested a white stucco house during the design process. You might think of ‘white’ as a simple paint color, but between warm, off-whites and cool brighter tones, there are a slew of white paint colors to consider for exteriors, including many that translate beautifully on stucco.

Lynn S. recognized the versatility that white paint can bring to a stucco house. She got her brick&batten design in late 2020 and reached back out to us this spring once her renovations were finished. Read on for her story.

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Before photo of a neutral stucco home

The Before

Lynn initially came across brick&batten on Pinterest. She began following us and was intrigued by the before-and-after photos we posted. She started feeling inspired to give her own home a makeover.

“My home was built in the 1970s, and it was time to modernize it with a facelift,” she said. 

The Design

Choosing the right paint color to use for the exterior was one of the biggest decisions that our designers and Lynn collaborated on. Lynn dreamed of having a modern white stucco house with darker accents. As we mentioned earlier in this post, there is a whole spectrum to explore when it comes to white paint colors. Lynn wanted to land somewhere warm, nodding to her existing exterior color. So our designers suggested an off-white that’s so versatile we named it our Top Exterior Paint Color for 2021: Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl. 

Our designers know how to choose the right accents to elevate curb appeal. Modern lighting, walkway pavers, and dark trim in Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore all work together on this white stucco house to create a sleek, updated look.

Lynn explained what the design process was like for her:

The process was quick and easy, submitting a handful of house photos and answering a few questions. A week later, I got my first design. I provided feedback on changes and received an updated design shortly after. The designer nailed the design!

The Process

Lynn found clever ways to implement renovations while sticking to her budget.

I went through the design with the contractor and divvied up who would be buying the materials. I was responsible for the sconces, windows, and door. Usually getting materials is easy, but the pandemic made it challenging. I purchased the garage door that was in the design, but was later told by the retailer that it would take over six months to get, so I painted the existing garage door with Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore — as suggested — instead. This was a short-term and inexpensive solution that improved the look.

Lynn even told us about working with a landscaping company to bring the other elements of her rendering to life.

I loved the large, modern pavers and horizontal driveway brick&batten had in the design. With California in a drought and 900-square-feet of grass, I wanted to rip and replace with a combination of hardscape, drought-tolerant plants, and a drip irrigation system. I drew out the design [see above] and kept with the modern look. It featured a large, hand-poured paver walkway, concrete driveway with gravel joints, a redwood horizontal fence, artificial lawn, landscape lights, and cedar gates. The landscaping took two-and-a-half weeks to complete.

actual after photo of a modern white stucco house

The Actual After

It’s fitting that Lynn came to us after being blown away by our before-and-after photos, because her own example is astonishing in the best ways. Her home received the sleek, modern update she had been craving. Now her neighbors are feeling inspired by her real-life before-and-after.

I love the updated look of my home and how it turned out. The neighbors are inspired to update their homes and have asked for referrals. 

actual after photo of a modern white stucco house with landscaped yard

actual after photo of a modern white stucco house with landscaping and redwood fence

A white stucco house update that resonates 

If your home’s exterior is feeling a bit dated, we’re here to help you make a change. Our expert designers can look at any space and re-imagine every detail, all while keeping your particular tastes and design goals at the forefront. 

One of the nice things about getting a rendering from brick&batten is our visualizations don’t expire. If it isn’t within your budget to make all of the updates at once, you can hang on to your virtual design and chip away at the changes little by little. While Lynn’s home has transformed and she is happy with the way it looks, there are still some smaller details she plans on addressing in the future. 

The house looks amazing compared to before. I’m hoping that I can get to replacing other things like the roof, veneering the chimney, and adding a chimney cap when my budget allows. After a year, I finally got around to the remodel, and the rendering helped greatly!

Whether you have a white stucco house you want to fix up or you’re trying to choose a bolder color palette for your exterior, brick&batten will give you the tools you need to take the leap. Get started today.