Screened-In or Not: Porch Ideas You Wish You Thought Of

Screened-in or not, these are porch ideas you wish you thought of. Screened-in porches have many benefits. You get to enjoy the sense of being outside without dealing with pesky bugs that aren’t afraid of your citronella candle. That said, some people opt to open up their screen and create more of an outdoor space. A  beautiful porch space with or without screens has its perks!

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Screened-In or Not:

Porch Ideas You  Wish You Thought Of


Photo by Our Town Plans 

No. 1//  Set Up Full-On Dining Area

Lately, it’s been a common trend for architects to leave out a formal dining room in the blueprint plans. And many historic homes aren’t fit for a large table to fit ten guests. If your home lacks space for a large table, a screened-in porch is a perfect place. Your guests will still feel a sense of privacy in a memorable atmosphere.


Porch Swing

No. 2//  Level Up Your Porch Swing with a Daybed Swing

We absolutely love day beds on porches. If swinging on a porch swing makes you feel like a kid again, you’ll love how your feet won’t touch the ground on a daybed swing. We often recommend Magnolia Porch Swings, because we love their style!


No. 3// Instead of a Screen Opt for Porch Curtains

If you don’t want something permanent like a screen, try some  stylish outdoor curtains. Not only will they help with the bugs  but also filter the  sunlight and offer the privacy you’re looking for. We are loving these Sunbrella curtains  from Ballard Designs.  


Photo by Clayton&Little Architects

No. 4// Create a Pre-Teen Reading Nook

Trying to get some kids to read is nearly impossible. Encourage older children to read and relax with a corner designed just for them. Set up a stylish hammock and a stack of books for those lazy afternoons.



CWB Architects, Bug Acres, cedar wood, glazed porch, Woodstock, bringing nature inside, granite rock garden, woodland retreat,

Photo courtesy CWB Architects

No. 5// Think Beyond Traditional Screens

If you’re commissioning a custom screened-in porch, go all out and request windows that open rather than traditional screens. We love this porch by CWB Architects that is a climate-controlled hybrid sunroom to be used in all seasons.



nesting table

No. 6// Skip the Screen and Add the Wall to Mix Furniture Styles

Since screened-in porches or outdoor walls have more protection from the elements than traditional porches, you can stray from furniture marketed specifically for outdoor purposes. A huge interior design trend we are seeing right now is combining different vintage and modern furniture styles in one room. You can certainly apply this rule to your porch as well.




Photo by Michael Graydon via One Kind Design

No. 7// Paint the Trim Black

By opting for a dark trim color, you create a contrast between your bright outdoor view and the trim. It can almost make your porch screens visually disappear. We are also loving the wooden  porch ceiling, rocker, and chandelier to really create a warm vibe.


No. 8//  Add a Fireplace

If it’s in your budget, let your outdoor fireplace steal the show! Hiring a contractor to install a fireplace is an investment that’s worthwhile. It will help you get use out of your screened-in porch or outdoor space year-round. Just imagine watching the leaves fall from this pool house.




Photo by Cydney Holm for Domino

No. 9//  Choose Playful Flooring

Updating your screened-in porch with fresh floor tile can gives it a super fresh look. We love oversized, rust-colored, hexagon, stone, tile because it is both timeless and super stylish.



Comfortable porch

No. 10//  Use Plants as Wall Art

Whether inside a screen or outdoors, plants make great wall art too! Hang some baskets and place trailing plants inside, or display them on floating wall shelves. In the design world, we are also noticing living walls made with succulents that need indirect light to thrive.


No. 11//  Skip the Screen and Open it Up

Yes, there is certainly something appealing about a screened in porch, but an open porch with big sliding doors is hard to beat! Sometimes it’s  best to skip the  screen and open up the  area to enjoy the view.




Photo courtesy OneKind Design

No. 12//  Porch Rugs

A porch space looks  finished with an outdoor rug. We are loving the geometric and aztec prints right now. Play around with layering two rugs on top of one another using different angles and textures.


symmetrical space for balance

No. 13//  Use Symmetry and Geometry

This design isn’t on a screened in porch; however, it could be! We love a good symmetrical design set up.Mixing it with balanced shapes really takes it to the next level. Keep in mind that achieving symmetry doesn’t mean the sides of the room need to identically mirror one another. Just try to go for visual balance.



outdoor porch lighting

No. 14//  Play With Lighting

Lighting is key to a successful outdoor space, where people want to spend time. That, and music! Not only does this porch have comfortable seating with blankets and pillow, but it also has the perfect glow of lights. Combined with lanterns and hanging lights the casual  come relax mood is definitely calling.



wooden porch furniture

No. 15// Use Palette Ottomans in Place of a Coffee Table

This porch has added privacy for guests with a green hedge above the horizontal wood wall. There is also plenty of seating. The ottomans can be used to put your feet up and relax, as well as a coffee table. We love multi-purpose pieces on large and small porches.


No. 16//  Create Privacy in Other Ways

Want the best of both worlds? There are so many ways to create privacy, keep critters out, and protect yourself from the heat besides a permanent screen. Check out these patio shades that roll down at the push of a button. Like the idea? Check out Palmetto Window Fashions for more.

Overall, screened-in  or not, these are ideas you wish you thought of…. for privacy and style.  A  beautiful porch space with or without screens has its perks!

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