Exterior Decor Tips: Poinsettia a Winter Bloomer

Holiday flower porch decor.

Looking for planter inspiration, I packed up the dogs and we hit the road. What I realized on my ride is that everyone wants a beautiful home  with perfect, exterior decor, but not everyone knows how to attain these simple changes that make a big impact.

First, I noticed neighbors standing on their front lawn talking, raking the last of the fall leaves.  Next, I saw folks hanging lights and even on ladders cleaning gutters; however, many of these stunning homes have…issues!  They spent all this time on their home’s exterior, yet the choices for paint, planters, and lighting don’t always turn out as visualized in the big box department stores.  

Most changes are really simple and have a huge impact on exterior decor and curb appeal.  Currently, I’m not selling my house, but it’s a place I spend a lot of time and want to feel proud of my space. Doesn’t everyone?

Planters are my first change, simply because they are an easy decor fix with a huge impact on my front porch.  Despite my lack of a green thumb, this season, I’ve decided on a beautiful red Poinsettia.

Helpful Hints:

  • Poinsettia’s are native to Mexico but bloom nicely in 60-70 degree weather.
  • 3 main parts:  Bracts- colorful show leaves on the top; Cyathia- buds in the center; Petiole- larger lower leaf
  • Poinsettia’s enjoy filtered sunlight for about 6 hours daily.
  • When purchasing, look for plants with sturdy stems and tight yellow Cyathia.
  • Water Poinsettias when dry to the touch.
  • The beautiful plant should live 4-6 weeks.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Poinsettias are not poisonous.

In conclusion, as the weather begins to feel like winter, enough with the dead mums and onto the Winter Pansies a cold weather all star; better yet, drop a potted Poinsettia right into your existing planter.  Boom!  An easy to tackle exterior decor change for a big impact on exterior decor and curb appeal.   

Peace out.


Poinsettias in black urn
Poinsettias on front porch inside black urn. Includes a brick&batten welcome mat.

Want to spruce up your holiday porch decor this season?  Order a custom welcome mat with your initial or a beautiful planter for your poinsettia.  These items also make wonderful housewarming or new year’s gifts.