Our Favorite 5 Landscape Tips for Fall

Fall back another hour… that means summer has officially come to a close and the fall season is underway.  Beautiful leaves, cool temperatures, and the smell of bonfires fill your days!  What can you do to prepare your outdoor landscape for FALL?  We have 5 easy landscape tips to enhance your outdoor curb appeal.


Evergreen Trees are excellent to plant around the edges of your yard.  As other trees are losing their leaves, evergreens stand tall and green providing privacy all year round.  They are also a gorgeous backdrop for other flowering shrubs in the summer and colorful shrubs in the Fall.  You’re not looking for a forest… just a layer of privacy and warmth through every season.  The Compact Austrian Pine and Fernspray False Cypress are brick&batten favorites because they do just this!

Evergreens in the background

Tip #2.  Add COLOR with CONTAINERS:

If you are short on time it’s so easy to drop a planted mum into your current garden container or planter.  This requires so little effort and provides gorgeous color!  If you’re wanting a little more, fill your containers with a your favorite Fall flower, then add a “spiller” and “thriller” to create that professional look you see at garden stores.  Use fall grasses, Mums, Asters, and flowering Kale will put on a colorful show for weeks. 

Beautiful fall container

Tip #3.  FALL MULCH:

Yes, I said it.  Who knew?  Turns out, fall mulching is better for your plants than spring mulching.  Winter will become dry and cold.  Just like people, your plants enjoy a covering to keep them warm and comfortable.  Two to three inches of mulch will help protect your plant roots from frost and also help them retain moisture needed for an easy spring transition.  Not all mulch is created equal.  Be sure to buy hardwood shredded mulch from a garden center and not cheap dump mulch that may be created from trees that have died of diseases.  

Fall mulch for insulation and moisture

Tip #4.  WRAP it UP:

If you’re worried the mulch isn’t enough to keep your shrubs and trees warm, consider wrapping them.  Ice, wind, and heavy snow can break branches and create a harsh environment for delicate shrubs and new trees.  Tip for trees… Rake leaves in a circle near the base of the tree, keeping the roots warm.  Tip for shrubs… Wrap them in burlap.  It’s an inexpensive, natural covering. 

Burlap plant covering for delicate bushes and plants.


Early fall until the ground freezes is the optimal time to plant trees and shrubs.  Cooler weather and rain will assist in plant growth.  Most nurseries get rid of plants before December 1, so many times plants and shrubs are on sale.  They also generally pay a third of what they sell for, so it’s a great time to ask for a deal!

2019 Nurseries Fall Season Sale in Progress

As we fall back an hour, use this time to investigate your fall landscape and curb appeal.  Need some help?  From a new build, to buying a new home, trying to sell your home, or just ready for an update, our designers at brick&batten would love to share our knowledge and experience with YOU, making YOU the expert! Get started on your home exterior update today.