New Construction & Building Trends 2022

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Earlier this month, a handful of us from the brick&batten team went to the International Builders Show, hosted by the National Association of Homebuilders in Orlando. We geeked out on all of the new construction and building trends 2022 has in store. Our designers loved seeing (and touching and feeling) cutting edge building materials and products from some of our favorite vendors. We tested out gorgeous front doors, saw new stone veneer and decking materials with our own eyes, and met with experts on everything from roofing to lighting to garage doors. Here are some highlights.

We’re always conducting research, like on this trip to Orlando, so that we can stay on top of exterior design trends — and so you don’t have to. We understand that not everyone gets excited about new textures for fiber cement siding. But we do! Learn more about our virtual exterior design process.

Instagram questions about exterior lighting trends

Answering your questions

We decided to see what our Instagram followers wanted to know from us at the Builders’ Show. We got a handful of smart questions and were able to answer a few in our Instagram Stories (above and below) based on our on-the-ground research.

Instagram questions about solar roofing

James Hardie color wall

James Hardie’s booth

At brick&batten, we’re huge fans of exterior solutions by James Hardie. Their siding marries form and function in a way that makes it easy to recommend for so many of our clients, across styles and geographic locations. And their booth at the International Builders Show was highly impressive. They built a mini town out of their materials! We loved seeing the textures and grooves on their Hardie™ Architectural Collection, including some products that are going to hit the market later this year. Their color wall (pictured above) was also super fun.

Front doors from Simpson Door

Doors, stone, & more

As the focal point of any home exterior, front doors are one of our all-time favorite products. We had so much fun checking out the options at the show! Pictured above are a few examples from Simpson Door. The pivot door (center) makes a statement, and Dutch doors like the one on the right are wonderful for the summer months or warm climates. Most of their doors are made-to-order and are therefore fully customizable. For example, the modern-style double door on the left can have its glass panels arranged in all sorts of different patterns.

We didn’t have our cameras out at the US Door & More booth, but they also had some gorgeous options that we plan to use on plenty of home designs this year.

new construction and building trends: stone samples

Next, the new construction trends in stone are beautiful. Everything from stone-look roofing tile to multi-dimensional stone veneer siding to stone-and-pavers for hardscapes had us feeling inspired.

Cassie & Alli at the Builders Show

New construction trends, building materials, and all the things we love

Our cofounders Cassie and Alli (above) were in their element in Orlando. From the earliest days with just the two of them doing this work, we’ve only recommended products that we know and trust, from the highest quality vendors. And we’re using opportunities like this recent Builders Show to research and add more killer materials to our portfolio.

Just because we’re a virtual company doesn’t mean we dismiss the physical nature of the products we recommend. We want you to visualize what your home’s curb appeal can be, yes! But we also want to provide you with recommendations for the best materials to help you bring that look to life, in a way that will stand up to the elements. Ready to see what we’d do with your home’s exterior? Get started today.