9 Modern Landscape Design Trends for 2022

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We are frequently asked to ‘modernize’ a home’s exterior, so we called on our friends from Tilly to share their insights on modern landscape design trends that will complement a new exterior design. Tilly is an online landscape design company that creates custom plans for your yard based on your geography, garden style, and needs. After a simple process that includes a video chat with your assigned landscape designer, you’ll receive a comprehensive and scaled landscape design plan that you can DIY or hire a pro to help with. Tilly will also deliver the plants in your plan straight to your front door. They design in all 50 states and Canada. Learn more here

We love the organization, straight lines, and often minimal look of modern landscape design! Modern style is all about repetition and patterns, and it can nicely complement the architecture of a home. Check out below for a roundup of Tilly’s top 9 modern landscape design trends we are seeing with homeowners.

Modern landscape design of a backyard with a pool

#1 // Low-Maintenance and Sustainable Designs

Protecting planet earth is definitely trending! Considering your environment and creating a landscape that reflects your climate is critical. Creating a low-water-use landscape or xeriscape plan is very popular in the Southwest, where water is limited, and designing water-wise landscapes elsewhere is a top priority.

Native plants are popular everywhere. Removing invasive species that are very harmful to our environment is becoming so important that some communities will even pay you to remove an invasive tree. Rain gardens are also becoming more widespread to help storm water mitigation — while looking beautiful!

Modern landscape design of a backyard with a firepit and use of concrete

#2 // Use of Concrete in Residential Design

Concrete has seen a rise in popularity in residence design. There are great ways to use it for a modern look — such as floating concrete steps through your backyard. Using floating steps is a great way to tackle a slope, especially when lit from below with rope lighting. Other modern practices include careful placements of score lines to divide concrete or creating grid patterns.

Modern landscape design example of a front yard with a retaining wall

 #3 // Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a nice modern way to define a space and make a front or backyard more usable. We love raw concrete walls or gabion retaining walls, which have an industrial vibe perfect for a modern design.

Modern landscape design tropical seating area

#4 // Garden Edging

Edges help define a garden and are always important, but in a modern design they are imperative. Modern design depends heavily on clean lines and designation of spaces; this is achieved though clean edges. Heavy steel edging and Corten steel, which wears beautifully, are great options.

Modern landscape design feature a stone-and-pavers walkway

#5 // Stone and Paver Walkways

We love a modern walkway to complement a modern house. Sharp, clean edges and repetition nail a front yard modern landscape design. To achieve this, use large pavers in a running bond or stacked pattern, rather than multiple sized stones. Paving with a smoother finish instead of a textured or rock-faced option is also a popular choice.

Front exterior of a home at night with warm lighting

#6 // Exterior Lighting

Modern trends in outdoor lighting can be found in both the fixtures and the placement. Modern fixtures are simpler and devoid of bevels, patterns, or flourishes. They are often more understated than traditional fixtures and allow for more emphasis on the landscape. Either way, exterior lighting is critical both for safety and creating the right atmosphere.

Detail rendering of exterior lighting at night

An example of modern fencing with horizontal slats

#7 // Fencing

Fencing can be the ‘icing on the cake’ to finish a modern look. The traditional picket has been turned on its side, and we are seeing a lot of modern fencing with horizontal slats. More privacy can be gained by placing the slats closer together. We also love a dark fence stain or painting a fence gray or black.

Modern landscape design of a side yard with an herb garden

#8 // Herb Gardens

During the height of the COVID pandemic many homeowners dove head first into creating plentiful vegetable gardens. They then learned that a veggie garden is a big commitment of time and attention. We love a smaller herb garden that requires much less maintenance and can be used frequently when cooking or making cocktails. There are fun modern vertical gardens these days that can fit into the look and feel of your patio space.

Modern landscape design of a plunge pool area

#9 // Accent Plants

A great modern look is to have planters with only one species in them. We love how this adds a pop to a space!

Backyard landscape design with a firepit seating area

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