LIGHT UP Your Life

Your home’s exterior lighting will make or break curb appeal.  Lighting is not only used for security but also adds drama and interest.  Nobody wants to walk up a house that appears dark and unfriendly!  Who knows what lurks behind those overgrown bushes!  

As summer nights become warmer, you spend more time outdoors and company will arrive; therefore, be sure your lighting says you’re home, it’s safe, and I’m beautiful and functional.  

4 Things to Consider:

1.  Lights for Damp/ Wet Rating.  

Exterior lights are exposed to all kinds of weather elements.  Lights rated for damp or wet climate  will stand the test of time and not become a danger as the weather changes.   Lighting options for different climates are numerous if you know how and where to look.  If not, you are playing with fire… literally! 

2.  Exterior Home Style.  

Lighting is an investment.  Does it help curb appeal?  Absolutely.  Is it worth the investment?  YES!  With that said, you must consider the style of your home to choose  appropriate light options.  For example, you’re not going to put a farm light on a contemporary house or a New Orleans style pendant on a mid-century style home.  That just doesn’t make sense.  Your lighting should reflect your personal style but complement the style of your home, as well. 

3.  Exterior Light Diversity.  

Great exterior lighting schemes are layered.  What does this mean?  You should use a diverse array of lighting outdoors.  There are path lights, up lights, well lights, directional lights, wall lights, ceiling mounted canister lights, hanging pendants, in addition to lanterns and candles.  All of these styles may be found around or on a front porch!  That’s a lot to think about without knowing what works best, where. 

4.  Temperature.  

This doesn’t mean your personal temperature or the temperature of your environment.  Lighting temperature means cool to warm LED color.  When selecting home exterior lighting, you need to find the warmest LED temperature possible, with of Kelvin of around 2500-2700. Warm light best simulates natural light, also helping your landscape appear fresh and healthy.  Cooler toned lighting creates an artificial look in your plants and doesn’t do much for curb appeal!

In summary, lighting plays a huge part in exterior home decor and curb appeal.  Your home’s lighting is a reflection of you!  Be sure you check that you are using lights that are made for your environment and correct for home’s unique style.  Look create a diverse a lighting scheme using different types of lights and warm LED tones to bring your house and plants to life!

When you are looking for high-quality professional lighting, turn to professionals.  Let brick&batten light the way…showing you what lighting works best for your home style and personal style, adding form and function! Get your design completed, light ordered, delivered, and installed before your porch company arrives.  

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