Fiber Cement Siding…Seriously Though…

I guess one blog on siding wasn’t enough for you guys, so I’m back into it again!  This time, from another angle.  Hardie Board siding is increasingly popular and for good reason.  Some of those reasons include:

  1. Durability in the face of inclement weather conditions  
  2. Wide range of color selections
  3. Wide range of textures
  4. 50 year warranty
  5. Fire resistance

We have had many clients ask us whether they should repaint or reside their fiber cement siding.  Almost always, the answer is repaint.  Color generally lasts about ten years with some jobs lasting up to 15 years depending on initial application and the region you live.  If you are fortunate enough to have this durable siding on your home and it’s looking a little faded and worn, a professional painter will be able to restore it to original clean, new look.  

A high quality exterior acrylic masonry primer such as Sherwin Williams Loxon Masonry Primer followed with Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Latex is a great topcoat for fiber-cement siding.  

In addition, fiber cement siding comes in many different textures and styles.  Depending on the architecture of your house, brick&batten can help you choose siding that will look the best on your particular home.  Some examples of different types for different architecture:


  1. Farmhouse:  You may want to use vertical boards to replicate this “farmhouse” style.
  2. Modern:  You will want to use a smooth texture and wide planks
  3. Cape Cod:  You may opt for Cedar Shake 
  4. Traditional:  You may go for the horizontal boards and can choose the width based on your preference.  
  5.  Fiber Cement Trim boards:  These come in different widths as well.  For a modern, sleek      design, you would probably opt for very thin, clean.  However, for a craftsman design, you may go heavier on the trim and moulding.

All of these factors influence how the exterior will look. That is why it’s important when making these expensive decisions that you have great information to get the job done right! Brick&batten would love to help with any cosmetic exterior projects. Contact us today