Black Homes Gone Mainstream

Black homes have come into fashion at a fast rate!  Pinterest claims that saves for black houses have grown 774 percent since 2014.  There are a few things you should know before committing to painting your house exterior black.  Black is beautiful!  It is trendy and will absolutely draw attention.  The dark house trend has been alive in Japan for a long time; however, it’s been gaining steam in the US since 2017 and now they seem to be popping up everywhere.  

A black home exterior is like a Pit Bull…  in the wrong environment they can turn ugly!  But with the correct surroundings, they grow and love and protect.  A black house will do just the same. 

#1. Black homes look beautiful with natural wood.

Natural wood will ALWAYS be a classic staple on home exteriors.  Natural wood is used commonly on doors, gables, porches, and home accent pieces.  It blends beautifully with a black home exterior.

black home exterior with wood accents

#2. Black stain is like UnderArmour for your house.

Generally, a darker stain provides the greatest coverage of the wood its covering.  UV rays deteriorate wood but darker stain is a perfect protectant, like UnderArmour for your house.  

Black stain house exterior

#3. Black homes appear strong.

Black appears effortless, traditional, and strong.  People who choose darker colors are usually considered more creative, bold, and artistic.  While this fearless approach isn’t for everyone, it definitely works!

#4. Black is a beautiful backdrop for landscape.

The way kelly green landscape shows against a black home is gorgeous!  Tufts of grass, between white rock and a Japanese Maple, and your curb appeal goes from a solid 8 to off the charts.  

Black home exterior with landscape

#5. Black adds drama and mystery.

You won’t blend it with the neighbors.  Do you have the Langhorn or the Breckenridge floorplan….uh, no.  There is an element of chic drama that goes with black that you can’t recapture with white.  

Black painted townhouse

#6.  Black is not reflective.

In general, the lighter your color home, the move reflective the paint.  A white home picks up the colors around it and the tone may shift depending on those colors.  Black, stays true to the color.  It won’t reflect your neighbor’s home or the landscape, it is what it is.  

Black home exterior

If you’re considering painting your home black or a dark color, be bold and go for it!  Black is still much less common than white or other neutrals, but with celebrities and home designers on board, we don’t see the dark house trend dying out anytime soon.

With black shades becoming more mainstream, it’s giving confidence to the everyman. Plus, paint and stain these days is so reliable and formulations so strong, the color isn’t going to fade or need to be redone year after year. So, put your fears to rest and truly consider black an option the next time you’re scouring exterior paint colors