8 Things You Can Do This Weekend to Improve Your Curb Appeal

8 Things You Can Do This Weekend to Improve Your Curb Appeal 

We’ve come up with 8 things you can do this weekend to improve your curb appeal before the spring rush.  Some changes require a dumpster in the driveway and serious contractor bills… or several trips to the hardware store to really confirm you have no idea what’s coming! That said, other changes are simple that even a novice homeowner can accomplish. Those are the changes we’re talking about!

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No. 1//  Change Your Lighting.

Nine out of ten houses we design, the lighting is incorrect.  Not only is the style wrong but almost every time, the size is too small.  Your light should be ⅓ to ¼ the size of your door and frame. That said, if your lighting is too small, change it out. If it’s dirty with cobwebs, clean the glass. And if the style doesn’t suit you or your home, don’t settle.  This is an easy fix that will make a difference. For more on lighting style, click here.

Light families

No. 2//  Add Garage Hardware.

Garages are important for curb appeal! Some take up huge real estate on the front of your home. That said, you’ve got two choices. Make them go away by painting them the same color as the house or make them beautiful! A simple way to create  a beautiful garage is through adding simple garage hardware or painting the front surface. A handle, a ring, hinge, or windows will take a plain garage and add interest. 

garage hardware
Simply White

No. 3//  Paint Your Front Door.

A front door done correctly returns over 100% of investment. It’s a no brainer! You don’t have to replace your door; however, a fresh coat of paint or finding a new color is a weekend project worth investing your time.  Many brick&batten clients are loving the glass iron doors as well as Dutch doors. If you’re choosing to paint an accent color, go for any shade of peacock or deep blue as well as green. This will catch the attention of anyone driving by!

modern door
green door
blue door
blue door
blue door
Fall porch orange door

No. 4//  Update Your Planters.

Urns are out and terra cotta or glazed pottery is in. That said, find a simple clay pot and place it by the front door or opt for a taller modern black. Without even getting your hands dirty, you can simply take the pot of your favorite plant and place it right inside.  Takes 5 minutes and skill level is easy.  

Tulip blue planter
terra cotta
black planters
terra cotta

No. 5//  Find a New Welcome Mat.

Your poor welcome mat gets a daily beating. It’s outside and subject to all types of weather and gets stepped on, wiped across, and abused everyday; therefore, it’s time to find a welcome mat that amps up your curb appeal and speaks to your style.  We’re leaving the Disney mat in Orlando and finding an age appropriate classy mat to welcome guests. Check out the brick&batten monogrammed mat or World Market arrow doormat to make a real statement!

welcome mat
welcome mat

World Market find

welcome mat

Natural Rope Knot Doormat

No. 6//  Shutters? A Do or a Don’t.

At brick&batten we believe in architecturally correct shutters. They should close over the window they protect, or at least appear to close over the window. Therefore, if your shutters are way too small, get rid of them! There’s no harm in testing the look without shutters.  If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. Sometimes less is more.

adding shutters

No. 7//  Landscape.

O’kay… I get it. It stinks to spend hours on your lawn every weekend to create the perfect look. However, it’s time to get a handle on the bushes growing over your walkway and blocking your windows.  Trim the bushes and spray the weeds. You will be amazed at the difference. If you’re looking for a real game changer, careful planning and thought can turn your yard into a real stunner.

landscape design

Horseshoe Landscape

No. 8// Window Grilles

EVERYDAY we have people write and ask how to update their windows.  Simple fix… if possible, pop out those busy window grilles or find a window grille that best complements your home’s style. You may replace the grille with something more simple or just skip it all together.  That’s a definite update without the big expense of replacing your windows.

window grille
window grille


Overall, everyone is on the hunt for a beautiful home with perfect curb appeal.  There are simple things you can do to bring life back to your home’s exterior. From painting your front door to finding a new planter, we want you to fall in love with your house again. Simple changes can make a big impact. 

If you’re looking for a partner in home exterior design, our brick&batten team would love to help you with the bigger projects, too. After all, curb appeal doesn’t happen by accident.