8 Backyard Makeovers That Are Just Stunning

There’s no arguing that backyards are meaningful places. So many childhood memories develop between the fences, and everyone loves a good chat with friends under some twinkle lights. As much as our exterior designers love enhancing curb appeal, there’s something extra special about drafting up beautiful back-of-home plans. We’ve curated a list of eight stunning backyard makeovers that are sure to inspire!


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8 Backyard Makeovers That Are Just Stunning

#1 A Transitional-Modern Retreat

With a home design like this, who needs to take a vacation? Of course, the before photo already gave our designers some great material to work with. While this backyard already had a great seating area, we were able to enhance it even further by placing a pergola for overhead shade. We’re betting this family is going to get a lot more use out of that dining table now, especially since we suggested comfier outdoor seating! We topped off the design with some updated limestone and potted plants.

blueprint design

#2 Sleek Steps Make a Huge Difference

Of course, wood is a very common building material for back decks and stairs. While wood often looks great in its prime, wood stains, fades quickly, and requires quite a bit of maintenance. For this reason, we often suggest materials like stone and concrete to our clients for patios and steps. You can still use wood in other ways to add an organic touch. In the backyard example above, we used wood to box in new landscaping beds. Note how the exposed stone chimney mimics the front design and adds a rustic look. Little details like this can make a lovely backyard view!

Before and after of backyard with pool

#3 This Backyard Had a Great Canvas

The before photo in this backyard gave us some great material to work with. For starters, it already featured a sunroom, pool, and a large patio just waiting to be used.

We also love this backyard makeover example because it illustrates the impact paint can have on a backyard, too. Our designers are proponents of painting brick, and they often suggest mineral-based paints for this masonry like Romabio.

#4 This Grand House Deserved A Grand Backyard

First of all, wow! Doesn’t this home just look like it was made for entertaining? When our designers saw the before photo, they immediately knew they could swap the majority of the green space with a patio to frame the pool the homeowners wanted to add. The unique pool shape gave this backyard a modern flair. Sparse backyard landscaping beds or the lack of them altogether are such missed opportunities!

#5 We Can Work With A Slant!

All backyards have their unique features, but an experienced exterior designer can help you transform them into statements. For example, here, we drew up plans to open up an additional walkway that leads to the back porch. The walkway takes full advantage of the flat section of land with a lovely fire pit and bench seating.

#6 Who Says a Backyard Has to Be in The Back?

This home may be lacking in backyard square footage, but it certainly makes up for it with all that extra green space on the side. Examples like this go to show that you can even think of the side of your home as an extension of your backyard. The brick&batten designers added a Xeriscape garden to this rendering, which is an ideal choice for dry climates and sustainable living. So if you think your backyard is too small for a large garden, think again!

#7 Can’t Grow Grass? No Problem.

If you’ve tried to grow lush grass in your backyard to no avail, it probably isn’t your fault. Maybe it’s the climate or the shade to blame. Whatever the reason, gravel and the right plants can save the day. If your backyard gets a lot of shade, opt for shade plants. If your town is no stranger to drought, think desert plants. In this backyard makeover, we loved how the homeowners were already using gravel in their landscaping plans. They had the right idea, but our designers decided to replace that patch with a back deck and move the gravel forward. We’re thinking even the cat will want to sunbathe in this backyard even more now.

A back of home design with a fire pit

#8 Not Fully Convinced You Need Cozy Backyard Seating?

We fully believe that a backyard should function as a second living room, where friends can gather and kids can play. What living room is complete without cozy lounge furniture? In the rendering above, our designers leaned into creating a perfect seating area by introducing a patio overhang, warm wood tones, and ambient porch lights. This example also displays the magic of large sliding doors by Marvin Windows and Doors. If you need the homeowners this fall, they’ll probably be sitting right there.

When reimagining your home design, let its limitations inspire you creatively to make changes. Lack of space, no sun, or even a steep hill are really just features that make the back of your home unique. With comfy furniture and a fire pit, it is hard to go wrong.

To live up to its full potential, even the best backside of a house could use some expert help. Learn more about our exterior design services and partner with brick&batten for your home exterior design.