5 Weekend Projects For an Easy Home Makeover

modern makeover

There are many ways to make a big impact with your home exterior without a big financial commitment.  We have chosen 5 weekend projects to makeover your home easily.  You don’t need to tear out walls, hire an architect or expensive design firm to accomplish curb appeal!  At brick&batten we see houses everyday… let us help you with a plan for an easy home makeover!

same door different color

#1. Makeover your FRONT DOOR:

Your personality and home style shines through your front door.  Don’t settle for anything less than beautiful!  It’s an easy fix with a coat of paint and door hardware.  The first step is removing your old dated door handle and hardware.  Then, sand down your door to begin repainting.  The Kwikset SanClemente has a sleek modern look with clean lines that update any home… for under $200.  Plus a gallon of paint with supplies needed to do the job can be purchased for under $100.  Voila! A brand new door and the start of a brand new look.  Skill Level:  EASY

#2.  Add a WINDOW BOX:

Some homes lend themselves to beautiful window boxes.  The key to a window box is sizing.  I can’t tell you how many homes have window boxes with gorgeous flowers but have gone way to small in size.  Your window box should be at least the length of the window but not more than 3 inches beyond the trim on each size.  Window boxes can be custom made or made in different sizes, colors, styles, trims, corbels, etc. to make each unique.  This project can be done for $75 depending on the complexity of the window box.  Skill Level: EASY

#3.  Replace your outdoor SCONCES/ LIGHTING:

This probably seems like a daunting task; however, if you turn off the electricity to the fixture, you’ll be just fine! Loosen your current fixture and pull out the wires from the junction box.  After turning the plastic wire nuts counterclockwise, you’ll be ready to remove your old fixture and add the new! Bevolo lighting has gorgeous fixtures creating a magazine worthy space! Lighting varies in price, but our most requested light at brick&batten is a mere $229.  That’s a no brainer and a game changer! Skill Level: EASY

#4.  Update your old PLANTERS:

Out with the old and in with the new.  Nothing screams curb appeal more than beautiful flowers flanking your doorway.  Yes, the container matters.  Buy a container that suits your house style and colors. Don’t be afraid to go big! That said, there are custom made wooden planters on ETSY that are drool worthy, as well as one of our brick&batten favorites, the Salento.  The Salento is gorgeous on every house design and definitely makes a statement of beauty!  Again, depending on your taste, this can be a $125 fix.  Skill Level: EASY

#5.  Replace your HOUSE NUMBERS:

Many homes don’t have house numbers at all.  Others, have numbers that can hardly be seen or worse, so old they are rusted to the house.  Ugh!  Your house numbers direct people where to go and tell a story about your style.  They should be easy to see and beautiful to look at.  Typically, house numbers appear 50% smaller from the road, so it’s better to go too big than too small.  Same rule applies to lighting!  Our favorite house numbers right now are from Modern House Numbers.  You select color, size, and font type.  So go a little crazy and spend the money to make your house numbers pop.  Price varies but for $30-$50 a number you won’t be disappointed in the quality or style.  Skill Level: EASY

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to jump in and make the simple changes to your home’s exterior.  

Grab an honest friend and really evaluate what your home needs! If you can’t find an honest friend, brick&batten is honest and happy to partner with you on a design to create easy changes for a big impact!