Vinyl Windows…No Shame

Vinyl…and not the cool, retro kind you spin on your vintage record player…can be very misunderstood.  Many homes have vinyl windows because, quite frankly, they are cheaper.  So, when doing an entire house of windows, the cost can be attractive compared to wood.  While Vinyl won’t add as much value, it can get the job done in a cheaper, relatively efficient way.  And, since many of our brick&batten customers are presenting with Vinyl, we thought we’d share some knowledge.  Honestly, Vinyl happens!  It happens in expensive neighborhoods in the city all the way out to the country…it knows no bounds.  So, no shame…just an honest conversation about Vinyl windows and it might surprise you at how well they compare these days.

Here are a few facts about Vinyl windows:

  1. Vinyl windows are made largely of high-quality extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Some metal and other types of plastics are used for the sash mechanism.
  2. Vinyl windows are cheaper than wood (the actual cost of the window).  And the price has come down over the last ten years.
  3. Vinyl comes in an array of colors…not just white.  
  4.  Painted Vinyl in dark colors can absorb the heat and warp, bend and make your manufacturers warranty null.  
  5.  Although misunderstood, there is a stigma to Vinyl windows and not a positive one.
  6. When it comes to energy efficiency, some would argue that Vinyl is better.  At the very least, a well made Vinyl window is just as efficient as wood.  
  7. Wood requires maintenance…painting and staining through the years to keep them beautiful.  Vinyl just requires a cleaning.    

Warping vinyl

When reading descriptions for houses for sale, you will rarely see….”This home boasts Vinyl windows.”  This is because the seller knows that the public will have an opinion about that.  Possibly wrong, but still an opinion.  In any event, as brick&batten is choosing trim colors for vinyl windows, we have to take a few things into consideration.

  1. Are the windows old enough that the warranty has ended?
  2. Is the Vinyl stark white and clashing with the existing fixed elements?  Brick?  Stone?
  3. Is there another color from a Color Safe collection (Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have Vinyl Safe paint lines) that would work better with the overall aesthetic of the house?
  4. Once painted, they will have to be painted again in the future.  Left alone, Vinyl is final.  The color will stay what it is (typically stark white).  So is it worth the new maintenance requirements to have a different color?

Is it worth it?  Here is where brick&batten ROCKS.  We can show the client how their house will look before they commit to the expense.  They can evaluate how the trim color impacts the entire aesthetic of their property.  In addition, by painting the Vinyl another color, it looks as if it’s wood instead of Vinyl…which adds to the curb appeal and lessens the stigma.

Now forget about Vinyl windows and go spin some real VINYL!