Tri Level House Transformation in Missouri

Amanda R. wanted to update the exterior of her tri level house in Missouri, and after viewing some of our before and after photos on Pinterest, she decided to enlist our help. 

Our design team quickly got to work creating a new look for Amanda’s home, and now that the renovation is complete, we’re sharing all the details. Read on to learn how Amanda brought our design to life, what she thinks about her tri level house transformation, and more.

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A tri level house with brick and tan siding

The before

Amanda’s home had a unique layout and a Tudor-inspired design. She was tired of the dated look and was eager to see what ideas our team had for her home. 

Our home is quite unusual given that it’s a tri level and was Tudor. I was excited to see what brick&batten would even suggest for our outdated home!

A tri level house rendered in Benjamin Moore's Cape May Cobblestone and Seapearl

The design 

After learning more about the aspects of her exterior Amanda was and wasn’t willing to change, what colors she’s drawn to, and other important design details, our team got busy creating a rendering that brought everything together.  

The process was simple! I submitted pictures and filled out a questionnaire. I loved that we could tell them our driveway was new, so we were not interested in changing it, but our windows and roof needed replacing, so please update them! 

We provided Amanda with two color palette options to choose from. The first one (above) features Benjamin Moore’s Cape May Cobblestone on the new siding and brick with Seapearl and Black (both by Benjamin Moore) on the trim and door respectively. 

A tri level house rendered in Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain and Olympic Mountains

We kept Cape May Cobblestone on the brick in our second option but suggested a different color, Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain, on the siding. We recommended using Benjamin Moore’s Olympic Mountains on the trim and stuck with Black on the door. 

Both versions include a new roof and windows, a double entry door, and a metal roof over the redesigned patio area, which is framed by white columns and features a loveseat swing, planters, and two armchairs.

A tri level house rendered in Benjamin Moore's Seapearl

Amanda used her free revision to see another color treatment on her home. This time, we suggested Seapearl on the brick, siding, and columns with Black on the trim and door.

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An actual after photo of an updated Tudor home

The process 

Amanda hired a contractor to complete the work, as well as an architect to draw the new front patio based on our design. Overall, the process took about five months, Amanda told us. 

We used our deliverable for EVERYTHING. I cannot tell you how many times I referenced it for colors and any and all decisions. 

When Amanda said she used our rendering for everything, she meant everything, from the bigger details like paint colors to the smaller ones like the outdoor decor.

Our contractor really wanted us to do black gutters. I went with my gut and did dark bronze since that is what brick&batten suggested. Even my pots, plants, and swing are from [the] brick&batten deliverable!

The exterior of an updated Tudor style home

The actual after

Amanda’s tri level house looks almost identical to our rendering, and she’s thrilled with its new appearance. The color palette is inspired by our second rendering and features a combination of James Hardie’s Iron Gray and Cobble Stone on the siding with Cobble Stone on the trim as well. 

Out of all the changes made, Amanda said her favorite part is the new, functional outdoor living space. 

By far, our favorite aspect is the front porch! It feels like a new room in our house! We get so many compliments on the swing. The swing was purchased from the link brick&batten shared.

The exterior of an updated tri level house

A terrific tri level house transformation

A new color palette and carefully curated design elements took Amanda’s home from underwhelming to stunning. Her home got a major curb appeal boost, and everyone is taking notice. 

We love our home now! It feels and looks like a new house! It is so much more modern. I was so glad to get rid of all the brown. We get lots of compliments from the neighbors and have even spotted random people stopping to take a picture! Our neighbor across the street said she felt like she was watching HGTV. 

If you’re on the fence about partnering with brick&batten to spruce up your home exterior, consider this message from Amanda as your sign to make the leap.

I suggest brick&batten to anyone looking to transform their exterior and love their house again! I referred my good friend to your company. She ended up using you for both the front and the back of her house!

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