Timing is Everything for Exterior Home Updates

Everyone waits till Spring to update, renovate, and paint and I’m here to tell you…you are missing a serious home exterior updates opportunity. It’s like walking into the Apple Store at Christmas and expecting to get all your questions answered….you won’t.

First, timing is everything when it comes to your house. And while we wouldn’t advise painting the exterior when the temperature is below 45 degrees, that still leaves a lot of room for cooler temperature painting and other home updates.  Painting is just one example in a myriad of home improvement jobs that will be better accomplished in the off season so to speak.



As an example, I recommend a contractor here locally to many of our brick&batten clients. I recommend him because he is fair, honest and will do a really good job. However, this past summer, he took OVER A WEEK to respond to a client of ours with an estimate for a job that he was bidding. A week to respond! I immediately picked up the phone and said, “John, this can’t happen. YOU are an extension of brick&batten, and if YOU want to be our guy, you have to respond quickly…period.”


John nicely let me know to start recommending him again in the Fall…he was bidding high prices and getting  the jobs due to demand. He didn’t want to damage our relationship by having brick&batten clients overpay for services. He, essentially, let us know he was too busy to do the job without charging nearly double. DOUBLE! Not to mention, he was rushing. While he would stand by his work and I guarantee he did a great job, he was rushing because there were a slew of other suckers waiting to pay double.

My eyes were WIDE OPEN and yours should be, too. This is your equity, your money, your TIME and effort selecting finishes. We all know the feeling of being rushed into a decision and second guessing the color or size a hundred times. One easy way to remedy, hire contractors when they aren’t slammed. Hire contractors when they can charge fairly because demand isn’t so high. Basic economics, folks. Not rocket science.


This is one example that we hear time and again, all over, not just local to Atlanta. Spring is around the corner and contractors and painters are about to be very busy…why not get a design today and get to work before the season even begins?
Get more for your money and spend your spring enjoying your new exterior!