Three Styles Clients are Requesting in 2018

Our mission at brick&batten is to keep the old!  Update, reface, refinish, but not tear down and start over.  As we watch new houses being built, one thing is clear…they are built to look like they’ve been there forever but with some modern twists.  Want to know what our customers are looking for in a virtual exterior design by brick&batten? 

Here are the top 3 looks that are keeping us busy in 2018.

  1. Our customers are requesting white siding or white painted brick with some earth tones to make it warm and organic.  The most requested siding style is vertical batten/board-and-batten cladding, steel windows or wood windows painted dark.  We also get a lot of requests for metal roofing and awnings.  By and large, people are looking for traditional elements with an updated look…authenticity with lanterns and shutters.  
  2. The second most requested look is Modern…midcentury elements that translate well onto their 50’s and 60’s style house.  With this look, we opt for earthy colors that adhere to that time era.  Lighting and doors, as well as planters, can complete the look to take a dated ranch and restore it to max curb appeal.  We are huge fans on the right type of architecture.  As more and more people are moving to the city, they are buying up old houses and cosmetically updating for a brand new look.  

    2018 house styles
    midcentury modern
  3. The third most requested style is Farmhouse.  Joanna Gaines…we thank you!  Our customers mention her more than anyone else when it comes to the Farmhouse style.  They are looking for wood accents and white cladding, adding a modern twist on an old farmhouse.  Even stucco can participate in this style!  We recently worked with a stucco company in California that taught us how to use stucco accents to replicate wood!  
2018 house styles
farmhouse style on painted brick

These are just the top three.  We are familiar with all different types of home styles and as we will always honor the architecture first, we listen to our clients and deliver what they want.