Spread the Love

table under twinkle lights

Ease into Spring hosting with these House Love tips. Here are easy ways to create community with your biggest investment.

So all month, brick&batten has been talking about ways to show LOVE to your biggest investment.  Your house!  Now, we want to share with you how you spread the love with friends and create community… how about that for LOVE?  We are all about bringing people together.  When you LOVE the space you’re in, you want to share it.

Here are a few “Spring into LOVE” action items to get your house ready for friends.

1. Every year, I take the first beautiful Spring day and I clean and oil my wood furniture.  This day has become the opening ceremonies for our Spring/Summer soirees.

And by Soiree, I mean sprinkler in the back yard, pizzas ordered, cold beers out of an old cooler with good music.  Alternately, if you want to get fancy, by all means!  This will still apply.  Whatever your outdoor seating may be…teak, plastic, faux wood, or iron… it needs some attention after being out in the elements all Winter.  If your kids are helpful, (mine are not, no judgement), throw them a sponge and mild soap and let them go at it!  Otherwise, think of this as an excuse to hide away for a couple hours for a job that delivers instant gratification.

teak outdoor table

2.  There are, however,  a few things, that can wreck your vibe at a Spring Soiree.  One is lighting and the other is music.

Subsequently, you can control both…so let us help!  I truly don’t care if dinner is Pizza Hut and bananas.  That lighting though…that lighting can break my swag.  Music, too, but that’s not what we do for a living so I’m going to have to trust your judgement there.  Nothing makes me forget your kids are destroying my house like perfect lighting.  Perfect lighting means I can see you, but it’s dimly lit.  It’s more ambient than focused.  It makes having great conversations feel more comfortable and not like an interrogation.  Your two buck chuck will taste better under this lighting…I assure you.  Therefore if you have to choose, err on the side of too dark.  And the next point will fill in the light gap. Fantastic!

3. Candles, candles, and more candles.

Candles come in the form of Hurricanes, Tapered, Votives, Pillars…bring it!  Mix and match.  Candles, like good music, make everything more interesting and beautiful.

rustic table with mason jars hanging from trees

rustic table with mason jar hanging for light

4. Lastly, outdoor seating…okay…you’re going to have to trust me here.

I’ve polled lots of people.  Almost everyone prefers to sit at a table than the big lounger outdoor sofa you splurged on with the Sunbrella fabric.  I know!  Weird, right?  But here’s the thing…people feel safer and more at ease with something in front of them.  That’s why musicians love guitars and why speakers love podiums.  It’s true.  Plus, am I really leaning back all the way on that thing?  With my wine?  I’m not.  So, if you have an option for your guests…bust out the table and lean in for great outdoor conversation, appetizers (or the bananas) and let’s get this thing started.

Cue the Music and Spread the House Love.