Siding…What the &*%$?

Never in a million years did I think I’d be writing a blog about siding, but what the $%^^.  It needs to be discussed because it’s another element that can make or break your curb appeal.  So let’s dive in and have an honest conversation about how shitty your siding looks and how we can fix it…even on a budget.  More and more of our brick&batten clients are presenting with brick or stone bases and siding.  Sometimes rotting, sometimes color issues, sometimes just ridiculously busy and stupid. 

So, let’s break it down and talk about the common siding options and how we determine what best to use on different styles of architecture.

  1. Vertical Installation of batten works well in many different styles.  From Modern, to farmhouse, to paring it with brick on a Craftsman.  It works.  The texture adds an interesting layer with shadows…which makes using it alone or pairing it with brick or stone an excellent choice.  In addition, many ranches are short and long, using  vertical batten can create the illusion of height.  It’s a bit more expensive, but less traditional and will help your property stand out. 

2. Horizontal siding…classic and sure.  This, too, creates shadows and interest.  This is a more traditional choice and by far, the most common siding choice on the market.  It’s also the least expensive option as it’s easier to install than other styles.  At brick&batten, we are always concerned with return on investment and many times, the buyer won’t know the difference, so horizontal can prove to be the better investment.  However, sometimes, looking like every other house, can prove to hurt that return.  So, looking at surrounding architecture and style may be a good way to determine the best option for your house.  

3. Mix it up!  Combining vertical and horizontal siding CAN look really cool when done correctly.  We recently did an adorable beach cottage in Newport.  The home owner had vertical batten and an adorable Whale weather vane they wanted to incorporate.  Easy!  We kept the vertical batten and added cedar shake to the gables…it gave the beach cottage an adorable “Nantucket Vibe” just by changing the siding.  It also creates two different textures that allow the paint to show up ever so slightly different.  

Okay, so there ya go!  Even siding can can be exciting!  Right??  Need help?? Partner with us on a virtual exterior design, and we will tell you exactly how to get this done…so you don’t end up on one of our “what not to do” videos. Get started today.