Historic Hilton Head Hanging Porch Swing

Historic Hilton Head Hanging Porch Swing

This custom made Historic Hilton Head Porch Swing changes the look and feeling of your front porch.  It can be made in crib, twin, queen, and king size with various wood types.  brick&batten can also recommend pillows, bolsters, cushions, etc. to suit your style and swing size.  Contact us for ordering information.


  • Install:  Under a covered structure out of direct exposure to the elements. However, because each bed swing is sprayed with at least 3 to 4 coats of the highest grade exterior clear coating they can be installed under an uncovered structure such as a pergola.
  • Wall Clearance: It is ideal to allow a clearance of 1.5-feet or more in front and back of bed swing and 1-foot on each side.
  • Rope: 1-inch in diameter Manila rope.
  • Handcrafted with choice of pine, cedar, cypress wood.
  • Crib, Twin, Queen or King sizes available.
  • Many different finishes, stains, paints available.

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crib, king, queen, twin


Dark Stain, Grey, Light Stain, Medium Stain, Natural, White