Off-White Paint for a Brick Home in Florida

Warm vs. cool, bright vs. soft — when it comes to white paint colors, the options are seemingly endless. Katie S., who lives in Florida, knew she wanted a creamy off-white paint color for the exterior of her brick home but needed help selecting the perfect shade. 

After she discovered brick&batten on Pinterest, she enlisted us to help. Katie received her design in February 2021 and recently reached out to us with photos of her updated exterior. Read on for her story and to see the transformation from start to finish! 

Updating a home’s exterior is often a stressful process — but it doesn’t have to be. From choosing the right off-white paint color (or any paint color!) to upgrading fixtures and more, our expert designers are here to help. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services. If you’ve worked with us in the past and have a great “actual after” photo to share, click here to upload it and share your story.

Before photo of a red brick home

The Before

Katie and her husband knew their 30-year-old home needed a facelift, but like many homeowners, they were unsure where to start. She wanted the home’s exterior to mirror the transitional style of its interior and said she prefers clean lines and a contemporary look.

Neither my husband nor I are good at designing on our own. We know when we like something, but we needed a talented, capable designer to guide us.

In addition to painted brick, Katie wanted her design to include new light fixtures and ideas for a new walkway and driveway. 

A rendering of a home's exterior featuring an off-white paint color

The Design

Our designers recommended Katie paint her brick using Benjamin Moore’s Olympic Mountains, a warm, rich off-white paint color that almost reads as a greige (gray-meets-beige)

 We used the exact paint color suggested and we love it! It’s a beautiful creamy white that looks good in any light.

Olympic Mountains is one of our favorite off-white paint colors, and we recommended it to another client whose story we shared recently. For Katie’s design, we recommended an updated roof to create a stark contrast with the off-white paint and copper gutters that really pop against the light hue. Finally, we suggested a wood front door because warm off-white paint colors pair particularly well with wood. 

A photo of a half-painted brick home

The Process

Katie used the same contractor who updated her bathrooms to create the enlarged front porch and found a painter, garage door supplier, and gutter supplier through neighbors and local friends. Her current landscapers helped translate and execute their new landscape plan, including the hardscape suggestions we provided. 

Katie said our design proved very useful throughout the process. She showed it to all the parties involved, and they used it as a guide when completing their work.

The picture was worth a thousand words and helped all our helpers see our new vision.

A brick home being painted in an off-white paint color

She followed the design closely, purchasing the exact house numbers and light fixtures, in addition to taking our paint color recommendations. 

A brick home featuring an off-white paint color

Due to supply chain issues that affected the delivery of her door and windows, it took a full year to complete the project, but Katie confirmed it was worth the wait. 

We remained patient, and as each step was completed, our old home looked better and better!

A brick home featuring an off-white paint color

The Actual After

Katie’s beloved brick home got the facelift she and her husband desired. It’s fresh, clean, and feels quintessential Florida. 

We are delighted with our ‘new’ old home! It makes us happy to have a fresh, updated look, and our grown children love returning here for visits. I don’t want to brag, but in our neighborhood, our house is like the belle of the ball. My office is in the front of the house, and I often see walkers stop to look and admire the design.

A nighttime photo of a brick home featuring off-white paint

Ready to give your home a refresh? 

Whether you have an old home you want to update or a new build you need help visualizing, we’ve got you covered. With a rendering from brick&batten in hand, you’ll be ready to make your dream home a reality — just like Katie and her husband. 

Now, many other neighbors are considering painting their brick homes. I’ve told many friends about brick&batten and so have our helpers! It’s amazing what happiness a refreshing new design can bring to so many people — far more than just the homeowners! We are grateful to the designers at brick&batten!

From paint colors to light fixtures to landscaping, we can help you visualize all the elements of your home’s exterior. Get started today.