Need Help Updating Your Ranch?

There are many ways to update a 1950s ranch, and affordable ranch homes are proving their potential. When they aren’t dismissed, torn down, and then replaced by larger McMansion-style homes, they get snapped up by smart buyers excited about their large lots, large windows, and friendly layouts. There are so many cool ways to update a ranch!  

L addition on Ranch

Let’s talk about a few ways to take your ranch to the next level of cool…while adding insane value to your biggest investment!  

  1. Expand Horizontally, Not Vertically…when you have the choice. This will maintain the aesthetic of a true, ranch style home. Instead of going up, extend the side of the house or a T shaped room off the back of the house. This will keep the integrity of the architectural lines.
  2. Patio…not deck: Genuine ranch style homes have patios that flow out of the house as if they are just easy extensions of interior living space. This is a very midcentury modern aspect of a ranch and feels more sophisticated than a wood addition. Large sliding glass doors grants access to the spacious patio outside making that area feel even more in touch with the inside. The ranch originated in the southwest so using building materials that are common place there feels more authentic.
  3. Larger Windows: By the 1960s, the expansive windows found in the original ranch-style homes had shrunk to small double hung windows out of concerns for energy costs. Replacing the old small windows with large expansive ones brings life to a dated facade… and also an opportunity for contrast with paint.  
  4.  Replace the Front Door: This is an absolute no brainer. Replacing old doors returns 100% of investment on resale and can add incredible value to the focal point of the home. If your door is not in need of replacement, painting it may be an option to bring it to life.
  5. Painting the Brick: This is not always a good idea and sometimes the brick is gorgeous and in perfect condition. However, updating brick that isn’t in good shape is a smart move. Painted brick can provide the perfect canvas for showcasing lighting, trim colors and the new front door. This can be game changing for curb appeal.  
  6. Column Square Off:  If your ranch has columns on the front that are dated and round, consider making them square with heavy moulding on bottom and top. This feels more modern with straight, clean lines.
square columns on updated ranch


We are all about honoring the past while still giving the exterior an updated face lift. We’d love to partner with you on a ranch update! Let brick&batten show you how to take your ranch to the next level with some simple cosmetic changes. Get started today!