Midcentury Roof Lines

Mid-century Modern architecture has many different features that set it apart, but none so notable as the roofline.  Let’s break it down to the different styles that make this architecture so unique!  

  1. The Butterfly-Two gables which dip in the middle.  
  2. Gabled-(Narrow or Long Gabled) One gable with two sloping downward roofs; the home has either a front or side entrance.  A feature of this design was slot windows.  
  3. Center View or Flat Roof-Either a front or side entrance into the living room of this style.
  4. Single Slope-A flat roof over the garage or car port and near the center of the house.  A taller vertical wall rises with a roof that slopes downward from the center to the building’s exterior wall.
  5. Folded Plate-V or W shaped units attached to each other creating a zigzag roof line profile.  

In addition to their stylistic appearance, the roof extends out further on midcentury modern design.  This is another trademark design element of Midcentury Modernism.  While stylistically on point, it also serves the function of shade over the expansive windows.  

midcentury roof
midcentury roofline

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