Mid Century Modern Ranch with Curb Appeal in Oregon

The reasons people use our exterior design services are wide-ranging, which is part of what makes our jobs so interesting. Sometimes, we work with families who want to transform their forever home. Other times, we get clients who want to spruce up a property in order to sell it. That was the case with Kelsey B., who enlisted our help on a flip home in Oregon. 

Kelsey told us the overall goal of her renovation project was to make the home look like a mid century modern ranch but with a transitional flare so it would appeal to more potential buyers. Keep reading to learn how we helped Kelsey achieve this and see the transformation from start to finish.

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A before photo of the front of a mid century modern ranch

The before

This ranch style home was built in 1966, and the exterior has mostly been left untouched. When she placed her order, Kelsey noted she wanted to “beef up the curb appeal substantially.” She was willing to change most aspects of the home, from the siding and entry to the windows. 

We are open to changing any and all of [the exterior] to give this house a fresh look. 


A before photo of the back of a mid century modern ranch

Kelsey was also open to updating most elements of the back of the home, but she wanted to keep the footprint of the deck the same. A staircase from the deck down to the yard was also a top priority.

The front of a mid century modern ranch with siding rendered in Benjamin Moore's Seapearl

The design

We designed two sides of Kelsey’s home and gave her two color palette options. The first version (above) features new James Hardie siding rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl and Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze on the trim, eaves, and soffit. On the front side, we designed a covered patio with large wood steps leading up to it. The steps match the wood decking and underside of the patio awning. This new outdoor living space is anchored by a section of dark cladding around the home’s entry.

We also recommended a new garage door, windows, and driveway and swapped the home’s old stone for a much lighter ledgestone. 

The back of a mid century modern ranch with siding rendered in Benjamin Moore's Seapearl

We carried the new siding and stone around to the back of the home, where we also redesigned the second-story deck and created a functional outdoor living space on the ground level. This zone features a covered outdoor kitchen and a cozy-chic seating area. 

The deck has a large dining table and a multi-slide door that helps create nice indoor-outdoor flow. The wood flooring also ties into the wood elements on the front of the home.

The front of a mid century modern ranch with siding rendered in Benjamin Moore's Galveston Gray
The back of a mid century modern ranch with siding rendered in Benjamin Moore's Galveston Gray

The new siding in our second color palette option is rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Graystone, with Sherwin Williams’ Caviar on the trim, eaves, and soffit. Our other design suggestions remained the same, with the exception of a different garage door with less glass paneling.

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An actual after photo of a home with contrasting light and dark siding

The process

Most of our clients hire a contractor to bring their design to life, but since Kelsey is in the business, she did a lot of the work herself. The process took almost a year because Kelsey and her team completely transformed both the inside and outside of the home. 

We are a house flipping company and our own contractor. Since we did a full interior and exterior gut, it took us about 10 months to fully complete our project.

A close-up photo of a backyard outdoor living space.

An actual after photo of the front of a ranch style home

The actual after

Kelsey ended up moving forward with our first color palette recommendation and implemented many of our design ideas. While not identical to our rendering, the covered patio area is similar. She also opted for the garage door from our second design. The changes definitely give the home the mid century modern ranch look Kelsey desired.

An actual after photo of the back of a ranch style home

Kelsey also followed her brick&batten design deliverable closely when renovating the back of the house. The deck and patio area are slightly different from — but clearly inspired by — what was pictured in our design deliverable. We love seeing how clients take our ideas and put their own unique twist on them. 

We needed help with the overall exterior design. We had an idea of where we wanted to go with it, but initially, we were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to achieve it. Brick&batten helped us put our design thoughts to life.

The view from a second-story deck of a ranch home

An actual after photo of the back of a ranch style home

A successful mid century modern ranch makeover

Kelsey said the 10-month wait was worth it, and she’s thrilled with the outcome of her renovation project. This dated home got the mid century modern makeover it deserved. She said, “Everyone loves it!”

We do, too.

Whether you’re updating a home for potential buyers or you and your family, we’re here to help you maximize the property’s curb appeal. Begin your exterior design project today