Simple Tricks to Make Your Mailbox More Inviting

Want to make your mailbox more inviting?  There are few simple tricks to make your box the talk of the neighborhood…so let’s get into it.  Mailboxes come in lots of different sizes and designs.  From mid-century to traditional, not every mailbox is right for every house. 

Creating a mailbox that coordinates with your home’s exterior is one easy way to elevate your curb appeal and finish the look.  There are simple tricks to make your mailbox more inviting, so let’s get it right! Whether you’re looking to replace your timeworn post-mount mailbox or starting out from scratch, you’ll find a wealth of choices worth exploring. Styles range from strictly utilitarian, to authentic retro reproductions, to the downright fanciful; therefore, there’s no reason not make your mailbox more inviting!

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Simple tricks to make your mailbox more inviting: Get Inspired

No. 1.

Check out this beauty from Pottery Barn. Looking like an envelope, this mailbox is perfect for traditional and more bungalow style homes. The envelope mailbox can stand alone or pair with the perfect house numbers to complete the look.


Take the envelope look on a more contemporary or modern house design by using a stainless steel option with simple lines. These can found anywhere from your large hardware store to ETSY.

No. 3.

This simple, yet striking, post-mounted box can tell passers-by a lot about your style. It screams mid-century modern with clean lines and laser cut numbers. The Waldo modern mailbox is oozing with “Mad Men” style creating a great first impression for modern homes.

No. 4.

Don’t turn away from a simple, post mailbox. Posts can be made from a wood like Ipe, Cedar, or Teak, as well as galvanized steel (some coated with zinc) or Polyethylene. Your mailbox doesn’t have to be a work of art to look fantastic.  This is a great way to dress up a classic house.   

No. 5.

Column mounted mailboxes really up your curb appeal game. Skip the post all together and create a column mount with brick, stone, or stucco. This type of mailbox design may be created using the same cladding as the house, so it blends seamlessly  with your home’s architecture and style.

No. 6.

Some opt for a slot mailbox in their door. It’s safe and easy; therefore, has become a convenient choice for homeowners. Be sure to check with  your postmaster to see if this is an option in your area. If so, find the installation instructions and create an interesting focal point on your door. We are loving the look of a glossy black door with gold or brass finishes.

Overall, your mailbox design doesn’t have to be an eye sore. Finding a mailbox that works with your personal style and home’s architecture is an easy to way to boost your curb appeal. Whatever your choice, adding landscaping or planters around the base can also make a mailbox look more finished.  Lastly, when possible, real address numbers are definitely better than reflective stickers.  Just a few simple ideas to get your mailbox in tip top shape so your first impression is a good one!

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