June Round Up…All Things House Exterior

June is absolutely my favorite month of the year.  The kids aren’t quite tired of summer break yet, the school supplies aren’t stressing me out at Target, and I know I have at least a month of sunshine and nice weather ahead of me.  Not to mention, the hours we spend on our porch in June… just being. 

We’ve done a lot of research in June, attended conferences, and workshops to bring the best of home exterior design back to YOU!  If you’ve missed our blogs, check out what we’ve been working on this month.

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Siding… What the &*%$

Never in a million years did I think I’d be writing a blog about siding, but what the $%^^.  It needs to be discussed because it’s another element that can make or break your curb appeal.  So let’s dive in and have an honest conversation about how shitty your siding looks and how we can fix it…even on a budget.  

  1. Try Vertical Installation of Batten…adds height and texture to a ranch and may also be used on modern, craftsman, or farmhouse styles.
  2. Horizontal Siding… is classic and sure.  It’s by far the most common and usually the least expensive option.
  3. Mix It Up… combining vertical and horizontal siding can look cool when done correctly.  Pair vertical siding with cedar shake in the gables for different textures and paint options.

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Container Gardening and Exterior Home Design

Planters come in many sizes, styles, and materials.  Choosing the proper one to adorn your home is more complicated than it may seem.  We’d like to break it down so that you end up with the best possible choice while adding curb appeal and value.

  1. To make an impact size matters when it comes to planters.  Planters may stand alone or be done in a grouping of different sizes.
  2. Style and architecture of your home are considerations when choosing a planter.  A traditional style home may work best with an urn, while a mid-century home may use more natural elements, such a wood.
  3. Planters come in many different materials:  Wood, Metal, and Glazed Ceramic are a few of our favorites for their style and function.

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Top 6 Facade Fails With an Easy Fix

Have you fallen victim to these simple facade fails?  Maybe it’s too much HGTV fever or wine with the neighbor on the porch swing we keep writing about… Whatever the reason, you’re smarter than that!  Take a step back.  Evaluate.  And let’s get to work on breathing life back into your home with simple changes.

  1. Shuters- Shutters should be functional or at least appear to be functional.
  2. Window Style- Keep it simple.  Different muntins, different window sizes, and shapes creates chaos on the front of your house.
  3. Porch Columns- We see so many houses with columns that are way too small.  Your columns should look like they can hold up what’s above them.
  4. Landscape- Front landscape should complement your house.  Keep your landscape well trimmed and stay away from ground cover that becomes a home for critters!
  5. Cladding- We love brick, rock, stucco, batten and wood.  However,  we don’t love a paint by number house with a mixture of brick, rock, stucco, batten, and wood.
  6. Farmhouse- I like Joanna Gaines but she may be the only one that can continue to get away with farmhouse style on every house she touches.  Don’t try to turn your mid-century or colonial into a farmhouse.

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Three Exterior Paint Trends We Are Loving & One Prediction for 2019

What are the three house exterior paint colors we are loving and a prediction for 2019?  Darks, whites, and grays keep returning in full force!   We put some of our 2018 predictions to the test and found 3 paint color trends that we are still loving…  and one trend we are predicting for 2019.

  1. Swooning over darker colors like we are?  Try Hale Navy, Soot, and Wrought Iron.
  2. Want to go white?  Try Sea Pearl, Revere Pewter, and Swiss Coffee.
  3. Gray is still hanging around.  Try Gray Huskie, Metro Gray, and Shoreline.

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Don’t let July slip by without reaching for a virtual exterior design from us for your greatest investment…your home.  Also, coming in July, look for more tips about exterior paint, the dreaded front load garage, and our favorite summer accessories.