House Vibes…It’s a Thing

outdoor porch lighting

Front Porch Design

Okay…am I alone here?  Does anyone else get serious “house vibes” when they walk in a house…either looking at real estate or visiting someone?  It’s a thing…dead serious.  I have been this way as long as I can remember.

Ever since I was riding around with my “house loving” father who drug us into property after property teaching us how it could be better or when the house had reached its full potential.  I would get a feeling…just walking in the front door.  Sometimes excited, sometimes depressing, sometimes an ambivalence that lingered room to room.  I still feel that way today.

I have made it my passion to feel the sadness in a house and try to cheer it up!  Hmmmmm…what does this depressed house need?  Maybe color, maybe lighting…maybe to weed out a forgotten garden, but always something.  As we roamed through, my sister and I would be spitballing ideas around how to “open up” a room or create a peaceful sanctuary.

As we got older, we thought about basements and hang outs complete with Ping Pong or Pool tables.  Even older, we thought about families and community.  House vibes…its a thing and your house should have a personality that reflects the pride you feel in ownership of something amazing.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be a fancy, sprawling, expensive house.  It can be a tiny house with a rockin’ personality…I prefer that actually.  Most important is that you help your house reach it’s potential and that the feeling evoked when you walk in is happiness.  This starts when you pull into the driveway and the first impression rose goes out.  Once that is accomplished, it sets the tone for loving the inside.  So during April, Home Decorating Month, brick&batten would love to help!

I think Renee Carman said it best, “All objects have a beat, a rhythm, a soul.  The desire is to blend them together and compose a beautiful body of design.”  House vibes…it’s a thing!